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Nostalgic News: Wayne Gretzky Becomes NHL All-Time Lead Scorer

  • March 23
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We take a look back at the biggest sports moments in history. On this day in 1994, Wayne Gretzky became the NHL All-Time Lead Scorer.

The sports world has taken a beating. Coronavirus has suspended both professional and collegiate sports. It’s a tough time to be a sports fan or writer. The Brawl Network doesn’t give up, however. We strive to provide the best sports content, and we’re working to bring new ideas and perspectives for your enjoyment. In this new series, Nostalgic News will bring out the nostalgia of any sports fan. It will remind us of the incredible moments in sports history. We begin the series by looking back at when Wayne Gretzky became the NHL All-Time score leader.

MARCH 23RD, 1994: Wayne Gretzky scores career goal 802

Known to all as “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky is considered the greatest hockey player of all time. On that day in particular, however, Gretzky had one goal: break the all-time scoring record held by Gordie Howe. Howe was an idol of Gretzky’s; the drive to hold the title of all-time scorer drove Gretzky that night.

His chance to claim the title came within the 2nd period of play. The LA Kings hosted the Vancouver Canucks in Los Angeles’s indoor stadium, the Forum. The Kings got into a power-play situation with less than 15 minutes left in the second period. He nailed a pass from teammate Marty McSorley that left goalkeeper Kirk McLean out of position, marking goal 802.

The game stopped, as the whole Kings team rushed the ice, mobbing onto Gretzky. The sports world halted, and for a few moments, everyone admired the accomplishment of the legend standing before them.

The celebration continued even after the game. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman had Gretzky join him on the ice. From there, a video aired featuring both Howe and Gretzky and their career highlights. Bettman also gave Gretzky a gift: a scorebook with every goal he had ever scored in his career. Gretzky had passed his idol and cemented himself as one of hockey’s greatest ever.

Gretzky has been a role model to the league’s current players, as he inspires greatness out of anyone on the ice. One of Wayne Gretzky’s famous words of wisdom:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” 

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