Noah Fant will Have a Breakout Year Two

Noah Fant Will Have a Breakout Year Two

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Could Noah Fant be the next great tight end?

During the first round of the 2019 draft, the Denver Broncos had the opportunity to take Michigan linebacker Devin Bush with the 10th pick. Instead, the Pittsburg Steelers made the Broncos’ front office an offer they couldn’t refuse. The Steelers traded up for Bush, while the Broncos moved back to pick 20. After a solid rookie season from their first round pick, Noah Fant will have a breakout year two.

Fant enjoyed a prosperous career at Iowa. Iowa is known for producing tight ends in recent years, such as star tight end George Kittle and Fant’s teammate T.J. Hockenson. Fant was lauded for his incredible athletic ability, running a 4.50 40-yard-dash at the NFL Combine.

Rookie tight ends have historically struggled in the NFL. In 2002, Jeremy Shockey broke the record for receiving yards by a rookie tight end with 894. This however, is an anomaly, as most rookie tight ends average around 500 receiving yards.

Noah Fant’s stats looked very average on paper, but his tape showed the athleticism that made him a first round pick. After watching the tape, there’s no doubt Noah Fant will breakout in 2020.

What does he do well?

Two games in particular really stood out. Against the Cleveland Browns, Fant had three receptions for 115 yards and a touchdown. While a 75 yard catch-and-run inflated his overall yards, the catch itself was very impressive.

Aligned in-line on the right side, Fant stays in for a split second selling the fake chip-block, then releases out on his shallow-crossing route. Quarterback Brandon Allen’s pass was a bit high, but Fant adjusted and protected his body from an incoming defender. After catching the pass, Fant turned up-field and broke three tackles on his way to the end zone for a 75-yard touchdown.

The Broncos’ offense really stepped up against the Houston Texans. One of the major contributors was Noah Fant. He had four catches for 113 yards and touchdown.

On the first play of the game, Fant runs a vertical route working towards the sideline. Drew Lock lasers a back-shoulder throw to Fant, who hauls it in with tight coverage. After breaking the initial tackler at the catch-point, Fant runs for a huge gain.

The highlight play of the Houston game was Fant’s touchdown. Fant runs a seam route up the left side and is immediately met by tight coverage from safety Jahleel Addae. Fant fights through the coverage all the way to the end zone, where he elevates and out-muscles Addae for the touchdown.

Splash plays like this suggest Noah Fant will have a breakout year two.

Will Noah Fant take a leap in year two?

The two games highlighted could be a glimpse of what Noah Fant could bring to the 2020 Broncos. Fant showed elite athleticism after the catch and showed contested catch ability making him a red-zone weapon.

He also showed an understanding of his assignment in the offense, which featured a lot of pre-snap movement from the tight ends. Most importantly, Fant showed that he put in the work throughout the season, with some of his best tape coming at the end of the season.

Noah Fant fell right in line with a typical rookie tight end season. However, with new weapons around quarterback Drew Lock, he will see more single coverage in the middle of the field. This should lead to huge production for Noah Fant and could lead to a breakout year in 2020.

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