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No More Days Off? NBA Crackdown On Load Management

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By katethegreat February 29, 2020 0 Comment
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The NBA fined the Minnsesota Timberwolves $25,000 for resting D’Angelo Russell against the Denver Nuggets. The league seems to have decided to take action with respect to violations of the league resting policy. The policy was put in place two years ago after teams with secure playoff spots seemed to be resting star players to keep them healthy for playoff games. The NBA said that Russell was a healthy player according to the league’s guidelines and fined the team for benching him.



The Wolves issued a statement that was the equivalent of texting back the “shrug” emoji, stating that D’Lo needed his body rested since he’s new to the program, or rather, they said they’re “learning and optimizing” his body, which is way weirder.



However, most of the controversy regarding load management this season has centered on Kawhi Leonard, who has started in 45 of the Clippers’ 58 games this season. Kawhi does have a degenerative knee condition, and the resting policy allows players to rest for injury concerns. So it makes sense that when the hammer came down, it wasn’t on the guy with legitimate knee problems.


Earlier in the season, NBA fans fawned over Lebron after he entered the load management debate. The King said in a postgame interview that if he is healthy, he will play; the comment seemed to be in reaction to Kawhi missing multiple games. Lebron even went as far as to say that he’s letting down kids who come to see him play if he sits. Then in January, Lebron missed a game because of the flu, and was onstage at a Bad Bunny concert the next day. This week, he’s out against GSW with a sore groin. So, you can draw your own conclusions about that.


With load management causing controversy around the league, the NBA decided to make an example out of someone. The Wolves sat a perfectly healthy player without even providing some sort of baseline excuse like insomnia, sore phalangies, a hangover, or whatever else. Now they’re paying 25k in stupid tax. Next time, maybe they’ll wise up and say D’Lo’s out with period cramps.

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