Nick Madrigal expected to join the Chicago White Sox soon

Nick Madrigal expected to join the Chicago White Sox

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By Nick Sullivan July 31, 2020 0 Comment

With Wednesday having passed, service time manipulation is no longer holding down the league’s top prospects. When will Nick Madrigal debut?

Due to the MLB and MLBPA’s most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement, players who are on the active roster for less than 172 days will not accrue a year of service time. As a result of this stipulation, many of the league’s top young talents (like Nick Madrigal) are held down in order for teams to earn an additional year of control.

Unfortunately, for the fans and MLB’s top prospects, this shortened season is no different. Player’s who are called up on or after July 29th will not accrue a full year of service time this season. Meaning that the Chicago White Sox now have an additional year of control on top prospect Nick Madrigal.

Now that this deadline has passed when will the Chicago White Sox call up Nick Madrigal?

The correct time for the Sox to call up Madrigal was on Opening Day. However, calling him up Friday would be the next best option. After all, Nick Madrigal is clearly the best second basemen in the White Sox organization.

Needless to say, expect to see Nick Madrigal manning second base as soon as Friday.

Who is Nick Madrigal?

In case anyone has forgotten about the Sox’ #4 prospect according to MLB Pipeline, here’s a little refresher. Touted by many as the best pure college hitter in the 2018 MLB Draft, the White Sox selected Nick Madrigal with the 4th overall pick in the draft.

Madrigal wasted little time making a name for himself as a prospect. In his first full minor league season in 2019, Madrigal wowed the baseball world with an obscenely low strikeout rate of 3%.

Madrigal further impressed as he held a BA of .311 an OBP of .373 and stole 35 bases across three minor league levels. He ended his first full season of minor league ball with the AAA club in Charlotte.

Entering 2020, MLB Pipeline has Nick Madrigal ranked as the #40 prospect in all of baseball. If service time manipulation ceased to exist, Madrigal would already have a week’s experience in the show as he is big-league ready.

Additionally, scouts view Madrigal as a standout fielder. Many experts project he will rack up several gold glove awards in his future.

What does Madrigal bring to the White Sox?

Anyone who has watched the 2020 White Sox knows that strikeouts are an issue. With big power, comes big whiffs, and the Sox could really use balance in the lineup. In steps Nick Madrigal. As mentioned, Madrigal rarely strikes out and is an elite contact hitter.

The Sox lineup certainly needs this stability, especially considering Madrigal will feature near the bottom of the lineup this season. The quick-footed second basemen will also add more speed to a lineup that already features Luis Robert, Tim Anderson, and Yoan Moncada.

Furthermore, Madrigal has a high baseball IQ. He is praised as a leader and an all-around smart presence on the field. Lucas Giolito has even gone on record to comment on how he felt about facing Nick Madrigal during the intrasquad games. To put it nicely, Giolito felt that facing Madrigal was challenging to say the least.

Most importantly what Madrigal brings to the club is depth. Calling up Madrigal allows for players such as Leury Garcia and Adam Engel to return to being bench players. Not only does the starting lineup get better by adding Madrigal, but it strengthens the Sox’s options on the bench.

Most importantly by replacing players such as Nicky Delmonico, Leury Garcia and Danny Mendick, Madrigal provides another use. No more free outs.

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