NFL’s Next Great Bust: Two Comparisons for Dwayne Haskins

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By Andy Davies December 29, 2020 0 Comment
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Dwayne Haskins is a Massive Bust!

Haskins recently was released by the Washington Football Team, this less than two years after he was drafted 15th-overall in the 2019 NFL draft. After issues both on and off the field, Washington and head coach Ron Rivera decided they have seen enough.

So after one of the shortest tenures in league history for a first-round quarterback pick, is Haskins the biggest draft bust since Johnny Manziel?

Haskins Bust Comparision to Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football was seen by many as one of the NFL’s next game-changers. When the Cleveland Browns drafted him with the 22nd overall pick in 2014, this was seen to many as a steal. Many predicted the former Heisman Trophy winner would go much higher in mock drafts, similar to Haskins.

During his time in the NFL though, Manziel suffered many off-field issues that helped turn him into a bust. He was fined and suspended for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. Manziel also was demoted to third-string after he was seen partying and lied to the team about it. Haskins was demoted to third-string recently as well.

Allegations over domestic violence later also arose, which became the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Manziel was released prior to the end of his rookie contract and he became the next Browns bust at the quarterback position.

Even well-known agent Drew Rosenhaus couldn’t handle Manziels off-field antics and he would become the first client to be fired by Rosenhaus in the agent’s 31-year storied career.

Manziel threw for seven touchdowns and seven interceptions during his two-year NFL career, which looks like the length of time that Haskins will spend in the NFL.

Haskins Bust Comparision to Ryan Leaf

Much like former San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Ryan Leaf, Haskins had no reported legal or off-field issues during his time in college. Leaf’s problems came after he joined his first NFL team. For reference, Leaf threw for 14 touchdowns and 36 interceptions during his short time in the league.

Leaf never seemed to care about his NFL career and Haskins is starting to look eerily similar. It started with Leaf’s first press conference that took place after an all-nighter. This was readily apparent with Leaf yawning during the interview. Later, he would also be caught on camera shouting at a reporter.

After his early retirement, Leaf would spend time in prison due to issues with drug addiction and charges of misdemeanor domestic battery. While Leaf would make his way back years later as an analyst on NFL Network, it wouldn’t last long considering he found his way back behind bars shortly later.

Haskins has yet to be identified for substance abuse and has yet to be arrested, but there are similarities to how his career is starting.

Haskins is Drafted by the Washington Football Team

Washington drafted Haskins with plenty of expectations. At the time, many fans of other teams were hoping that Haskins would become their own future signal-caller.

When the New York Giants drafted Daniel Jones sixth overall, fans questioned why general manager Dave Gettleman chose the Duke prospect over the one from Ohio State.

In his two seasons at Ohio State, Haskins threw 54 touchdowns and eight interceptions. His second season, which was his only full season as a starter, was particularly impressive considering that he threw 50 touchdowns that year.

Washington expected a franchise quarterback in Haskins. The organization even allowed him to wear the same jersey number as legendary quarterback and Hall of Famer Joe Theismann.

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However, Haskins has looked far from the level set by Theismann. In nine starts in 2019, Haskins threw for just seven touchdowns to seven interceptions. It took five career starts for him to get his first win and he only recorded one other in an abysmal 2019 season.

Washington Replaces Their Head Coach to Groom Their New Quarterback

To fix the issues from 2019, Washington fired head coach Jay Gruden and replaced him with ex-Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera had success with the Panthers with one Super Bowl appearance and helped turn Cam Newton into an NFL MVP. If there is a head coach who could turn Haskins into a Franchise Quarterback, surely Rivera was the man for the job!

The 2020 season started well for Haskins with a 27-17 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. He threw for one touchdown and had no turnovers. The success unfortunately didn’t last.

Haskins was demoted to third-string behind Kyle Allen and Alex Smith after disappointing in the next four games that followed. In that stretch, Haskins went (1-3) throwing four touchdowns to three interceptions with an 80.3 quarterback rating.

Haskins was set to ride the bench the rest of the season with his underperformance on the field. With injuries to Allen and Smith, he would get more opportunities.  He would go on to throw one touchdown and four interceptions in his last three games for Washington. After being unable to capitalize on a second chance, Haskins was benched in favor of Taylor Heinicke.

What Led to the Release of Dwayne Haskins?

For starters, Haskins missed a victory formation during his first career win by taking a selfie with a fan.  In October, he broke the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols after making a reservation for a family friend.

Last week, photos were revealed of Haskins partaking in some adult entertainment at what was presumed to be a Gentleman’s Club. This not only broke the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols but he directly put his teammates in harm’s way for contracting the virus and spreading it to their families.

Taking into account his abysmal performances on the field, complete lack of immaturity and now putting his teammates’ health and availability for Sunday at risk, the only logical move for the Washington Football Team to take was to release Haskins.


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