NFL Draft Mailbag: Saturday, November 21st, 2020

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By John Vogel November 21, 2020 0 Comment
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The Brawl Networks Senior NFL Draft Writer John Vogel opens the NFL Draft Mailbag on Desmond Ridder, Boston College, and more.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m a morning person. I can’t ever sleep past 5:30 AM. My body simply won’t allow that to happen. So if you’re like me, and you wake up an hour early on college football game day, this article is probably for you.

In the future with this mailbag, my goal is to answer every question that I possibly can from you guys. I’ll be looking to do one of these a couple of times a week, so please submit your questions! All of the information to do that is at the end of the article.

Let’s get into it.

NFL Draft Mailbag Question 1: Denver Broncos (from @JeremyNicholls)

To be honest, Jeremy, it might be a couple of years. The problem that the Denver Broncos are in is that they invested heavily in Drew Lock this offseason. They loaded the offense with weapons, stacked the defense, and loaded up for a Super Bowl run. Injuries have certainly played a factor, losing Von Miller this offseason didn’t help matters at all. Regardless, I think that the biggest issue right now is the uncertainty at the quarterback position.

I had concerns with Lock coming out of Missouri – mostly just consistency week-in-and-week-out. As I said in my guide in 2019, “Lock has to improve his footwork and learn to make better decisions.” That was the risk that the Broncos took when they invested everything into him. His footwork still needs work as does his decision making.

Drew Lock Scouting Report (John Vogel)

Are the Broncos willing to move on from Drew Lock already? How much longer does he get to prove that he’s “the guy?” I think he gets one more year, I really do. That means that the Broncos are going to focus on depth in this draft, and if they can upgrade a position immediately then they will take it.

I think that the Broncos have treaded in the right direction getting younger. Age is becoming more and more of a factor in the modern NFL. For the most part, they’ve hit on most of the players they’ve drafted. It’s just got to finish coming together.

Question 2: Desmond Ridder (from @NFLDraftTalk2)

You know, this might be a hot take on NFL Draft Twitter, but no.

NFL Draftniks are always looking for the next Lamar Jackson, and they’re trying to declare Ridder as a potential Jackson. The thing that a lot of people on Twitter don’t realize is that the NFL really isn’t. Lamar Jackson is an anomaly. Jackson’s method of success may never be matched because he is a very unique player. His athletic ability is off of the charts.

The issue with Jackson is that you have to cater your offense to fit his playing style, and it’s not the easiest thing to do. Have you noticed how the Baltimore Ravens lose football games? Defenses contain Jackson to the pocket and force him to win throwing the football. Granted, that’s difficult to do because he’s such a naturally gifted athlete.

Desmond Ridder (6’3″ 215 lbs) does not throw the football better than Jackson, nor is he as good of an athlete. It’s not even close. Even the analysts who don’t try to compare him to Jackson point to “Colin Kaepernick without the arm strength,” or “Ryan Tannehill without the rhythm throwing.” You’re comparing a prospect to limited quarterbacks who have to be in a certain scheme for them to be successful while taking away the trait that makes them successful. I can’t imagine Ridder declaring for the NFL Draft this year (he’s a redshirt-junior), especially after he gets his grade back from the NFL Advisory Commission.

Question 3: Boston College Offensive Tackles (from @Monsmoy1)

This is a damn good series of questions. Thank you, Monsmoy.

Zion Johnson (6’3″ 310 lbs) is better suited on the left side. He took over as the starting left guard last season after transferring in from Davidson. They ran a triple-option scheme there and he excelled in that. So, ideally, Johnson is going to be a better fit in the NFL as a mauling guard. Regardless, he’s on the left side because that’s where he’s more comfortable playing. I also believe that Tyler Vrable (6’5″ 310 lbs) is a better fit at right tackle because he too is an excellent run blocker.

I wouldn’t expect Vrable to declare this year for the NFL Draft. He’s still raw and he’s a redshirt-sophomore. If he develops properly and cleans up his footwork, I think Vrable could go late first round. Johnson is going to struggle to find value in the league because he’s really an interior player. It’s hard to be an interior offensive-lineman and get drafted high. I think he falls into day-three but he could be a potential third-round pickup for someone at this point.

Question 4: Shemar Jean-Charles (from @elevenbravo138)

Hey, Bill! Good to hear from you! Bill Carroll is an awesome source of information out there for people looking to follow someone putting out lots of good NFL Draft information.

I had to do my homework on this question (this is exactly why I love mailbags). I wasn’t too familiar with Shemar Jean-Charles (5’10” 185 lbs) at all. According to PFF (if you’re into that sort of thing), he’s currently the second-best defender on the team and has an interception so far this season with 13 passes broken up. Last season, his first as a full-time starter, Jean-Charles intercepted a pass and broke up 10.

I like his man coverage ability, personally, as his technique is solid. I think that with zone coverage he struggles to consistently get the depth that he needs. However, athletically and technically sound, he plays with some physicality and likes to get his hands on receivers. I think that his size is going to be an issue that will prevent him from being more than a day-three prospect, so his official measurements will be huge. I like him, though. Give Shemar Jean-Charles some love, #DraftTwitter.

Have a question? Send your requests to John Vogel at either his Twitter, @johndavogel with #Mailbag, or email with the subject line “Mailbag.” 

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