Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Jack Conklin

Will the New York Jets sign offensive tackle Jack Conklin?

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By Ruari Fay March 5, 2020 0 Comment
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As NFL free agency nears, the New York Jets May Offer Jack Conklin $20 million. Despite conflicting reports about a deal, interest is apparent.

Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Jack Conklin is going to see a massive deal in 2020. The question remains, however, will the New York Jets be the ones to do it? And should the Jets be prepared to offer Conklin up to $20 million? Even if Joe Douglas has to pay Jack Conklin $20 million yearly and whip out his wallet for a $10,000 steak dinner, he’s going to get it done. Conklin has the exact personality Douglas wants on the field. He was once referred to by a scout as being “tougher than old beef jerky.” Earlier this week, Douglas and Drew Rosenhaus, Conklin’s agent, played an amusing game of cat and mouse. First, we had a report from Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk: Jack Conklin may be headed to the Jets.

Then we had a response from Adam Schefter stating that Conklin would have multiple suitors.

  1. Rosenhaus leaked to Schefter that many teams have the interest to drive up Conklin’s price tag.
  2. Douglas leaks to Schefter that the Jets aren’t willing to pay too much. All this before, teams and free agents are technically supposed to speak.

Does Conklin Deserve 20M from Jets?

It’s sort of ironic that the Titans declined Conklin’s 5th-year option. It was understandable. He was coming off a year where he missed the start of the season, struggling to return from an ACL injury. He went on to lose another three games at the end of the season (2 because of knee concerns). Skip ahead one year, and now, per Spotrac, Conklin’s estimated contract value will be 15M yearly, and he’ll likely exceed that. The Jets may offer Conklin 20M just to ensure he comes to New York. Conklin’s 5th-year option would’ve cost the Titans only $13 million, and his performance as a top 10 Tackle in 2019 certainly proved worthy of it.

Once the Titan’s offensive line got into their groove after Week 4, Conklin allowed just one sack through the last 12 games of the season. In the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs, Conklin blocked Pro Bowler Frank Clark one-on-one nearly the entire game. The result? Conklin allowed a couple of pressures, but not a single sack. Clark’s only sack of the game came lined up against Lewan on a desperate Titans 4th down with almost no chance to win. From the tape, it seemed Conklin dominated the match-up. Clark couldn’t seem to beat him with power or speed.

While the torn ACL is a concern, in four seasons, Conklin has only ever missed seven career NFL games. In three of his NFL seasons, Conklin started all 16 regular-season games (including an additional three playoff games). The further he gets removed from the injury, the more dominant he has played.

The Barr Effect

Jets fans may fear to get “Barr-ed” when it comes to Conklin. Refers to Anthony Barr agreeing to a mega-deal with the Jets only to have the Vikings match it (see also: Dont’a Hightower). The smart money is to expect the Jets to blow every other offer out of the water and the signing to occur as initially reported on March 18th.

As rosters currently stand, the Jets rank 32nd in OL cap hit at just 12.8M. Expect that number to go up by at least $20 million before April.

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