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By Michael Pallas December 16, 2020 0 Comment
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Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell is generating some buzz among New York Jets fans to succeed Adam Gase as head coach. He’s done a great job building that program into a regular bowl participant and they will compete for the Big 12 Championship this season.

Building a competent staff will be very impactful on the success of the Jets in 2021 and beyond. Players work more with the assistant coaches (both position coaches and coordinators) than they do the head coach. So, what would Campbell’s coaching staff with the Jets look like in the NFL?

Offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends: Tom Manning

Manning (no relation to Archie, Peyton, and Eli) has limited NFL coaching experience, but he’s in his second stint with Iowa State as their offensive coordinator. Campbell and Manning’s relationship goes back to their playing days at the University of Mount Union, where they were teammates for one season before Campbell became Manning’s position coach. Frankly, it would be better for the next Jets head coach to be an overseer rather than simultaneously a head coach and a play-caller. Manning would be a good option, because he’s currently working with Campbell, and their relationship is solid.

Quarterbacks: Joel Gordon

Gordon currently serves as the Quarterbacks Coach at Iowa State, a role held for three seasons, along with adding Passing Game Coordinator this season. He’s helped develop Brock Purdy to be one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the school, setting numerous statistical records along the way. His knowledge of the quarterback position and familiarity with Campbell could go a long way here.

Running backs: Tom Rathman

This would be a tough one, as Rathman is currently the running backs coach for the Indianapolis Colts. Joining Campbell’s staff represents a lateral move and would require permission from the Colts. However, Rathman’s contract expires this offseason, making this move a no-brainer.

Ratham, a former NFL fullback, has guided several running back units to success in the NFL since his coaching career began in 1997. He served two stints in San Francisco, and one each in Detroit and Oakland before landing in Indianapolis. Rathman’s link to this staff runs through Manning, whom he worked with for the Colts in 2018.

Wide Receivers: Hines Ward

Ward would be a holdover from the current staff, and there’s no reason to let him go. He’s a former NFL wide receiver, and it’s likely going to be a young group who could learn from his tutelage. In his time in the NFL, he was not only a good receiver with quality route-running skills and good hands, but he was also well-known for his blocking. He got down and dirty in the running game, and a receivers coach like that would be a welcome addition to the coaching staff.

Offensive Line: Dave DeGuglielmo

DeGuglielmo is a coach that doesn’t have a direct connection to Cambell, having never coached with or under him as an assistant. However, he worked with Manning in Indianapolis. He is currently the Offensive Line Coach for the New York Giants, but there’s no indication that he would remain beyond this season, as he was a midseason replacement.

DeGuglielmo has bounced around quite a bit in his NFL coaching career. The Giants are his eighth team since becoming a position coach in 2009. However, it’s not always a result of poor coaching. According to Ed Valentine of Big Blue View, here’s what he had to say about his travels:

“I get it, you read the resume and it looks like there’s a lot of bouncing around. I agree with that. Believe me, my wife wouldn’t like me bouncing around this much, and I wouldn’t like it as much. But, you have to find the right opportunity.

“Good thing is I think I bring something to whatever program wants me. When you look at it I keep getting hired, so I must have some value to somebody for some reason …”

He’s coached well in many stops, and he deserves this opportunity. Hopefully, the Jets can get him for the long-haul.

Defensive Coordinator: Mike Phair

Gregg Williams is long gone. Sometimes it’s not always a direct connection (having coached with or having the coach as an assistant on one of your coaching staff), but through others that someone lands a coaching position. Phair has never coached with or under Campbell, but he did coach with Manning in Indianapolis in 2018. Phair is currently the defensive line coach for the  Carolina Panthers, and has significant NFL success in that role and should garner consideration for the Jets defensive coordinator position should it open.

Defensive Line: Eli Rasheed

Rasheed has been with Campbell since Campbell was the Running Game Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach at Toledo. Having some people on his staff he’s familiar with will make the transition to the NFL much easier. It will also make it easier to get his philosophy in place.

Linebackers: Robert Mathis

Mathis is a former All-Pro NFL edge rusher for the Indianapolis Colts. He is currently an assistant coach for the Colts, where he works with the pass rushers and as a guide for player development. Given the fact that the Jets will need to add edge rush help, and their current rushers are young, Mathis would be a welcome addition to this staff. He’s yet another coach who would be added through Tom Manning, whom he worked with in 2018.

Defensive Backs: David Overstreet II

Overstreet is another coach with a back-door connection to Campbell through Manning. Overstreet is a Defensive Quality Control Coach in Indianapolis, where he worked with Manning. As the DQC, he helped the Colts to improve their defense throughout his time there. Since his college coaching experience is in the defensive backfield, it only makes sense for the transition from DQC would be to that area.

Special Team Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach: Brant Boyer

Boyer’s group has had a down season, but that’s no reason to let him go. He’s an excellent coach who might get some interviews for head coaching vacancies. If he doesn’t leave to be a head coach, he should be extended and given a promotion to Assistant Head Coach as well.


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