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Could New York Giants select Isaiah Simmons or Chase Young at four?

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Will quarterback-needy teams allow both Chase Young and Isaiah Simmons to fall to the New York Giants at number four overall in the 2020 NFL Draft?

These are just a couple of puns New York Giant fans will hear as we get closer and closer to the 2020 NFL DRAFT. The Giants will be on the clock with the 4th pick. It might as well be the #1 pick. As the draft approaches, the rumors are swirling that the first three picks of the draft will be quarterbacks. It is no secret that the Cincinnati Bengals will draft Joe Burrow with the number one pick. As for the Washington Redskins, it gets a bit tricky at number two.

It doesn’t seem like they are entirely sold on Dwayne Haskins. Tua Tagovailoa could be their guy, especially with a new coaching staff led by Ron Rivera. We see this happen last year with the Arizona Cardinals when they drafted Kyler Murray after drafting Josh Rosen the previous year. The Detroit Lions at number three is a bit of a wild card, but they are in an excellent position to make a trade down than the New York Giants unless they decide they want to move on from Matthew Stafford and draft Justin Herbert. Then it gets fascinating for the Giants.

Now the New York Giants are on the clock at four with the pick of the litter. This draft is very deep at offensive lineman, so don’t expect one to be selected by the Giants this early. They need a game-changer on the defensive side of the ball. The New York Giants have a long history of great defensive players, and they need to get back to that. Expect the Giants to choose between Chase Young and Isaiah Simmons.

Coach Joe Judge loves players to have versatility. That seems to be his theme going into camp, and if you’re a player who only does one thing, you better be great at it. Simmons fits that versatility profile playing nearly every position on defense at Clemson. When asked at the combine what position he can play in the NFL, Simmons replied, “DEFENSE.” He is a freakish athlete at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds who ran faster than most receivers at the NFL Combine. Only three receivers were faster than him. His game translates well to the NFL, especially when you have tight ends like George Kittle and Travis Kelce, creating mismatches. Simmons provides the rare ability to match them with size and speed.

Chase Young can do more than one thing well, but at 6-foot-5 and 265 pounds rushing the passer is where he’s elite. The Giants haven’t had that monster defensive end presence since before Jason-Pierre-Paul lost his fingers to a fireworks accident. Since then, New York has lacked that stud rusher coming off the edge to wreak havoc in the backfield. Let’s just hope if Young does come to New York that he’s more careful with his fireworks.

On Wednesday, March 18th, NFL Free Agency starts. Expect the Giants to be very active. If they sign a defensive end or two in free agency like a Jadeveon Clowney, then that will push them to draft Simmons. If they strike out in free agency at defensive end, then it will be more pressure on them to select Chase Young.

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