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New Orleans Saints First Round Options In The 2020 NFL Draft

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By Jorge Antun March 6, 2020 0 Comment
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New Orleans Saints will seek to add some pieces to reach the Super Bowl. Who will they consider in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft?

One of the wishes of any General Manager is to reach offseason without too many holes in his roster. The New Orleans Saints will not be very active in the Free Agency besides resigning their franchise QB, Drew Brees. Although they will surely lose Andrus Peat and Eli Apple because their contract expires, they do not have an urgent need that affects their way of attacking the next Draft. Let’s see who are good options for New Orleans in the first round:

24th PICK


Shenault is an excellent player and if there is someone who can make the most of his potential in the NFL, it’s Sean Payton. Shenault has the ability to line up anywhere, outside, inside, from the backfield, just give him the ball.

New Orleans needs another option outside of Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. Shenault’s ability can elevate this offensive to finally take the necessary step to reach the Super Bowl that they have missed in the past two years.


Another weapon that could raise the potential of this offense is Wide Receiver Jalen Reagor. The former TCU is a very good deep threat, has a lot of speed and has the ability to run any route at a high level.

Reagor does not receive the credit he currently deserves because he dealt with a mediocre offense at TCU and a disappointing performance by his QB. As with Shenault, Sean Payton can exploit Reagor’s potential to an exceptional level and take his offense to the top.


Jordan Love is visualized in very different ways in the NFL, some will fall in love with his potential and some will stay away from his inconsistency. However, Drew Brees is not getting younger and New Orleans needs to start thinking about a replacement.

It is well known that Sean Payton was very interested in Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft, and although Love is not close to Mahomes’ level, his ability is similar and learning behind Brees could give Saints excellent results.

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