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NBA Tier Level Value Explained

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By Brian Draus February 20, 2021 0 Comment
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What is NBA Tier Level Value?

For those of you who read my MLB analytics articles, there is another sport I am about to delve into. Due to the fact that basketball is becoming analytics-heavy, it makes sense for me to put some effort into a stat for that sport. The concept will be called NBA Tier Level Value (TLV), but unlike the MLB stat, this one has a basketball flavor.

How is it Different from MLB TLV?

So how will it be different? Well, to start with this version of TLV will only have four Tier Levels. That is because, in the NBA, there are teams competing for titles, and there are those who are not. The “super-team” is more common in basketball than it is in baseball. Also, if a club qualifies for the postseason as a #4 seed or lowers they usually don’t have much of a shot.

Before we go any further, I just want to explain NBA TLV further. As with baseball, the NBA version is determined by winning percentage. Teams can move in and out of Tier Levels throughout the season, even if it is only their second game. Also, TLV records are judged by where they stood the day of the game. If a club beat a Tier 2 Level team, they would be credited with a Tier 2 Level win. However, if that win knocked that team into Tier 3 for the following game; whoever played them would be facing a Tier 3 club.

Now that I have told you a little bit about NBA TLV, I think it’s time to unveil it to you!

Tier 1 Level: 51 wins and above (.622 and above)

The top-level of TLV is where your title contenders will come from. These are the clubs that are a threat to go deep into the playoffs, not to mention hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Tier 2 Level: 40-50 wins (.488 to .610)

While the top of this level may have a shot to go deep into the playoffs, most will make it no farther than the second round. Many will get knocked out in the first round, and some will have low-lottery picks.

Tier 3 Level: 33-39 wins (.402 to .476)

Unless a team from this Tier Level is a #8 seed, they will be in the lottery. Many of these clubs are rebuilding, not to mention have limited talent on their roster.

Tier 4 Level: 32 wins and below (.390 and below)

This is the Tier Level of teams that contend for the #1 overall pick. Fans of these clubs often are watching the top college players see who could help turn their franchise into a winner. To some extent, it is better to be in this Tier 2 Level, since the last place you want to be in the NBA is good with no chance at a title of a top pick.

How to use NBA Tier Level Value

So you might be wondering how to use NBA TLV? Suppose you are a Fantasy Basketball player or sports bettor. It could be used by looking at how certain teams or individual players perform against each Tier Level. Performance evaluation can be done over any period of time. Obviously, LeBron James will dominate every night. But NBA Tier Level Value helps differentiate average players.

To put a bow on this piece, this could be used at a professional version of the NCAA’s three-tiered Quadrant System. For those who don’t follow college basketball, the Quadrant System is used to see what record each team has against the three levels. NBA TLV uses a bit different style but is basically the same thing. Keep in mind that how to use NBA TLV is up to you, but it would be hard to do so early in the season. So I hope NBA fans can enjoy a different concept, as there is always a different way to do things!

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