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NBA SUNDAY: Bucks And Lakers Bounce Back

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By Harrison Lloyd September 6, 2020 0 Comment
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A gorgeous Sunday for bettors to lick their chops and get ready for a couple of number one seeds to bounce back

Bucks vs Heat

For starters, no one would’ve thought the Miami Heat would absolutely strangle the Bucks in the first 3 games of the NBA second round series. Miami overall has been the better team, but where it’s displayed most is in the clutch. Milwaukee went into the 4th Quarter with a 12 point lead, and proceeded to be outscored 40-13 and lose by 15 in Game 3.

Bad in the Clutch

Closing out games has been a hassle for the once highly regarded Bucks. They somehow scored no points within the last 4 minutes of the game, doesn’t matter if they’re facing the 89’Pistons team, defense can only be so good, a lot still lies on the offensive production. The Heat look great right now, but the 3-0 lead in the series is a steady combination of Miami looking hot and Milwaukee playing awful.

Don’t be Dumb Duncan

Duncan Robinson made a comment about ”Getting the brooms out”, that’s a big rookie mistake, never poke the bear. Does Milwaukee come back and win 4 straight? Most likely not, but they don’t want to be added to the small list of number 1 seeds who have been swept. If Robinson’s intent was to get a team fired up, he was certainly successful.

Giannis Leaving if Swept

Budenholzer, the Bucks coach has made it clear that he won’t be playing Giannis over 35-37 minutes, surely adds some more drama for the off-season. As a coach, he has certainly dropped the ball in this post-season. If he sticks to this method we’re going to need to see guys like Bledsoe and Matthews step it up. If not, the Bucks may be kissing their season goodbye. Could this be the last time we see Antetokounmpo is in a Bucks uniform?

Lakers vs Rockets

This is a star studded series we couldn’t have imagined. The offense on the floor at all times is fairly overwhelming, yet we’re still seeing unders hit. One reason for this is the Lakers don’t have the same pace that the Rockets possess. A lot is responsibility lies with Lebron James to quarterback the play and show his poise.

James Harden

The key for LA is to force Houston to slow down their pace and limit the fastbreak. If the Lakers fight fire with fire they risk the chance of getting totally blown out. LA simply can’t get pulled into Houston’s game-plan. Countless times Harden cruised in the paint last game and drew the and-1. There’s no stopping The Beard, but limiting his assists would help, when he drives and kicks out to the corner, the Lakers need to get someone out there to defend Houston’s arsenal of 3 point shooters.


The Rockets had the toughest of first round series’ and after beating the Thunder in that game seven dogfight, they were ready and fired up to take game 1 by surprise. Now that the dust has settled, Lebron has his troops ready to rebound after a disappointing first game, just like they had to do against The Blazers. Although, there’s no chance the Rockets go away that easy.

Anthony Davis

Would love to see Anthony Davis hit around 40 minutes but Vogel won’t push his star that much. PJ Tucker and the Houston small ball line-up have taken heat for what they can and can’t do. Yet, so far, with the Rockets having the top rated defense in the bubble, critics have been forced to shut up. Nonetheless, expect a big game from AD and Bron trying to even up the series. Have a feeling the Lakers win but the Rockets will still cover, best of luck folks!

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