Lakers vs Heat NBA Finals Game 5 Best Bets


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  • Goran Dragic
  • Jimmy Butler
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  • Kyle Kuzma
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Heartbreak for Spread Bettors in Game 4

A last second meaningless 3 from Tyler Herro cost the Lakers faithful a (-6.5) spread in game 4. It seemed as though Los Angeles was playing with their food all game. Which is the scariest part for the Miami Heat. Miami went full-tilt all game, while the Lakers were able to hang around playing about 90% intensity for 3 quarters. Yet, once again, LA proving their depth, made shots when they needed to and slowed the pace down the stretch. Here are some of your Lakers vs Heat NBA Finals Game 5 Best Bets

Is the Bubble a Hostage Situation ?

The first four games of the series have been exciting to say the least. Yet we haven’t seen a nail-biter come down to the last shot. The Lakers haven’t needed to play 6 games in a series to date, if Dragic doesn’t get injured I personally believe this series is even, but he’s out and Miami’s title hopes are getting slim.

Evidently, bubble life isn’t paradise, and both of these squads have been enduring it for over a hundred days. With this considered, there’s no reason for the Lakers to let the Heat back in the series. Going into Game 5, it would be a shock if we don’t see the Lakers best performance to date. It’s almost a hostage situation. Frank Vogel and player/coach LeBron James will have the troops ready, because if not, the Heat have no problem staying in the bubble until Tuesday.

What Miami Needs

Now onto Miami, this is a banged up squad. Already mentioned the significance of Dragic being out, this forces Jimmy Butler to quarterback the offense. Which is working, but the Heat are visibly missing that veteran presence and extra 20 points, 5 assists on any given night. Kendrick Nunn is gaining some young Finals experience with Goran being out, Nunn and Robinson are going to need to step up on not only the offensive end but defensively as well. Duncan Robinson struggled with maintaining his zone defense last game, proving to be somewhat of a liability especially during key breakdowns in that second half.

Bam was injured in Game 1 along with Goran, I won’t be surprised if after the series it’s revealed he’s been battling through injury for the Heat. Because without Adebayo it would quite frankly be a disaster. Eager to see what the great mind of Erik Spoelstra has in store for the first time Miami has had their backs against the wall. There’s no competing with the Lakers fast break so transition defense is huge, don’t expect too many offensive rebounds for the Heat.

Jimmy Buckets

Jimmy Butler has proven every critic that ever breathed anything negative on his gameplay, completely wrong. This man is on a mission, and without his star point guard, the weight of the Miami fan base rests on his shoulders. Jimmy Buckets is my personal Bubble MVP. The fire he puts on display night in, night out, doesn’t matter who he’s going at, when it comes to playing on both sides of the ball, he very well could be the best two-way player in the league. His competition being a man in Purple and Gold with a deadly brow.

X Factors

The Brow himself, Anthony Davis is the x factor in this pivotal game 5. He’s been somewhat quiet the last couple of games after breaking records in the first two games of the Finals. If AD plays his game and Miami can’t box out their defensive rebounds, it will be very tough for the Heat to push this series to Sunday. The Lakers bench, as deep as it is, has yet to be exceedingly noticeable in this series. Adding concern for Miami, considering Danny Green, Alex Caruso and Rajon Rondo can go off for 15-20 points any given night.

Get Out

I must reiterate how much these players want out of the bubble. The Lakers can see the light at the end of the tunnel, there’s no reason for them to give this game up and be held hostage in the bubble for another 3-5 days. Unless Goran Dragic is in the line-up, there is no reason not to play the Lakers in game 5, these players want no more to do with bubble life. Especially considering LeBron has been patiently waiting to discipline Bronny Jr for smoking the devils lettuce.

Lakers vs Heat NBA Finals Game 5 Best Bets

Lakers -1 : We all seen what happened to the spread in game 4. (BE SAFE)

Jimmy Butler over 24.5pts

Jimmy Butler over 7.5 assists (If Dragic is Ruled Out)

Leans :

AD over 29.5pts

LeBron over 9 assists

Under 217

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