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NBA Eastern Conference Finals Preview

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By Harrison Lloyd September 15, 2020 0 Comment
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As the 2020 NBA playoffs continue to roll, we take a look into the Eastern Conference Finals, and they could shape out.

Second Round Recap

Heat vs Bucks

The Miami Heat (+250) steamrolled the Milwaukee Bucks without any daunting struggles. The Heat, firing on all cylinders, found a way to shut down the top-seeded Bucks. As well as superstar Giannis Antetokounpo, while rendering his supporting cast from posting any significant numbers. Cleaning up the second round with an abrupt 4-1 series finish, this team is rested and on a mission.

Celtics vs Raptors

What a battle this was. Every game seemed to have gotten more entertaining as we edged down to the wire. The Celtics (+140) ended up getting the best of the defending champions, finishing them off with a tight 92-87 win. The under managed to hit in 5 of the 7 games, as pace was slow and defense was on high, under keeping trend with the rest of the play-offs.

An Unlikely NBA Eastern Conference Final

It’s the first time in History that the ECF will be played without either of the top 2 seeds. It’s the bubble play-offs, anything can happen, and that’s truly been on display so far. Nonetheless, the two best teams have separated themselves from the rest of the conference, and we’re in for a top-notch match up. This is what you can expect this series:

Jayson Tatum

This young man is playing years beyond his age, and without him the Celts would have been eliminated long ago. Tatum is the heartbeat of this team and if they plan on advancing any further it’s all on his shoulders. He has already shown you can count on him in crunch time, but in order to beat this deep Heat squad, the Celtics need their whole starting five to produce. Easier said than done, Jaylen Brown hasn’t been the most efficient and Kemba Walker‘s consistency has certainly been questionable. 4 wins from the finals, just takes a couple bounces and the guys can get a mo-jo going.

Key For The Celtics

Gordon Hayward checked back into the bubble halfway through the Raptors series, if he is healthy by the middle of this match-up, that would provide a massive boost for Boston. Hopefully Hayward is able to shake some of the rust off before getting smothered by this relentless Miami defense. Until Gordon is back, Marcus Smart will be the spark for this small bench ridden Celtics squadron.

Miami’s Depth

The difference between these two teams is how much more Miami can spread around their minutes. Bostons starting five will play most likely around 42-plus minutes a game all series. Compared to the Heat, who may have a maximum one player in the high 30’s low 40’s. This is a massive factor, especially once you get deeper into the series, Miami will have a lot less wear and tear and fresher legs. Along with the ability to trust their confident young core in Kendrick Nunn, Tyler Herro, and Kelly Olynyk.

Jimmy Butler

This man is on another level right now, completely taking over the bubble as a two-way phenom. Being a leader on top of that, it’s noticeable how contagious Butlers work ethic is and watching it run down the line-up. The whole team is playing follow the leader, Bam Adebayo is becoming a house hold name, and truthfully, the Bucks were a tougher opponent. It’s not to say a sweep is in the near future: Boston isn’t going to roll over, but unless Hayward comes back looking like Larry Bird, the Heat are going to the finals.


NBA Eastern Conference Final Predictions:

Miami Heat to Win the Series (+110) MAX BET



Heat (+1.5) Game 1

Adebayo over Rebs (between 9-12)


Finals Teaser: Clippers vs Heat (+500)


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