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NBA betting -Tips and Strategies

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By DickieRath March 6, 2020 0 Comment
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Welcome back to the Brawl Network’s NBA betting section. Hope you were able to cash in with tips #1-#2 last week. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vet, here’s 3 more tips that will help you beat the bookie!

Tip #3 -Do not follow other people’s picks

If you are relying on somebody else’s daily picks, then maybe you should not be betting on this sport. Everyone wants to make money and everyone wants a piece of the action, but when you lose, YOU are the only person who is paying that tab. Why lose because of another person? Tips #1-#2 teaches you some great tools to use on your own. Use these tools to win without relying on your friend who has only been hot for 1 week. Now.. if you just don’t care and insist on following someone, make sure you find someone credible. There’s plenty of “experts” on twitter who will post picks at a decent winning percentage. This brings me to tip #4

Tip #4 -Research

It’s 2020! Use all of your resources and research! Go online, download sports apps, and my favorite… use twitter! The information is out there. There are multiple accounts dedicated to post updates on every team. Keep track of injury reports, trades, line up adjustments, and make sure you check in during shootarounds. Listen to what the coaches are saying and use that to your advantage. If you are following these twitter “sharps” or “experts”, just remember that there is no such thing as a “Lock of the year pick”. The NBA can be one of the hardest sports to bet on, give yourself as many advantages as you can. For this reason, here’s a bonus tip

Tip #5 -Do not place early bets

Most NBA games do not tipoff until later into the evening. There is no reason to place a bet at noon. A lot can happen between noon and tipoff. A player could get hurt, traded, benched, or become sick. There is no edge gained from Vegas by placing a bet early. NBA betting is just like playing offense, you take what the defense is giving you! For example, if Lebron James is a late scratch and the spread barely moves, this tells me that there’s a good chance the Lakers still cover. Don’t think this is a gift or that you found an advantage over Vegas because you didn’t! Remember tip #2 Vegas knows more than you do! This might not make sense to the newbies just yet, but soon it all will.

By now, you should know 5 tips that will help you beat the bookie. Make sure you follow The Brawl Report gambling section for more tips and strategies coming your way.


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