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Mitchell Trubisky – The Greatest American Hero?

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Trubisky and Hinkley

Will he ever learn the secrets of Matt Nagy’s playbook to unlock the magical powers in his right arm? The parallels between Trubisky and Ralph Hinkley, a special education teacher who stumbles into potential superhero status is uncanny.

What is The Greatest American Hero?

In the early 1980’s William Katt played an unlikely superhero named Ralph Hinkley who acquired a magical suit that when used properly gave him a variety of unearthly powers. Unfortunately for him, he lost the instructional manual soon after he was given the suit by benevolent aliens. The rest of that season along with two additional seasons focused on “The Greatest American Hero” attempting to thwart crime and injustice. He was assisted by F.B.I Agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) and Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca), an attorney who recently handled Ralph’s divorce. What does this have to do with Mitchell Trubisky you say?


Much like Ralph Hinkley, Mitchell Trubisky found himself thrusted into a world that many in the NFL Universe felt he was and still is unprepared for the quarterback position in the NFL (in spite of being the top quarterback on a majority of draft “experts” boards). His pedigree in college consisted of one solid season at North Carolina where he amassed 3748 yards passing with a 68% completion percentage to go with 30 TDs and 6 INT. Solid numbers. However, his detractors say it occurred in the ACC which isn’t as stout as the SEC, Big 10, PAC 12 or Big 12. As evidenced by his highlight reel, he was able to do enough to impress the Chicago Bears to trade up from #3 to #2 to select him in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Mitch’s “instruction manual”

When Matt Nagy was hired to lead the Bears starting in 2018, many believed he possessed the “instruction manual” that would allow Trubisky to acquire and develop superhero like qualities in leading the Bears for years to come. There were impressive performances, but the outings like one below seemed to gather more attention and discussion.

Lost instruction manual

In 2019 Trubisky, like Ralph Hinkley, seemed to have lost his instruction manual and at times forgot how to play quarterback. Missed throws, over throws, wrong reads on RPOs, failing to pick a blitz, not seeing the safety or linebacker on an interception. Whatever the issue, Trubisky was the cause of a majority of the offensive issues last season.

Can Trubisky turn it around?

Mitchell Trubisky can turn it around, much like Hinkley did after he lost his instruction manual. Trubisky enters a year where Bears fans and players will look to him to again lead the team to the playoffs as the window to win is slowly closing. Number 10 now has a new cast of characters in the coaching room surrounding him and seemingly all the backing from his coaches and GM. Fans and players alike are dying to see the Mitchell Trubisky we all knew he could be coming out of the draft. It is now or never for the young quarterback in Chicago

As Mitchell Trubisky begins the most critical season of his young career, the eyes of the NFL world will be watching to see if he can find his instruction manual and bounce back from a disappointing 2019 season. Or will his struggles continue to the point where his “show” isn’t renewed in Chicago and he needs to find a new network.

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