Mike McCartney Interview: The Brawl-22 Talks with the Un-Cowboys Coach

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By Michael Schottey December 13, 2020 0 Comment
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Super Agent Mike McCartney Sits Down with The Brawl-22

The Brawl-22 interviewed Mike McCartney of Priority Sports to talk about a variety of topics, including Cowboys fans who continually confuse him for Head Coach Mike McCarthy, his life around the game, the impact of his father (Hall of Fame Colorado Head Coach Bill McCartney) and his approach to some of the most inventive contracts in the NFL.

It was a very interesting interview of a man who doesn’t often take much time in the NFL spotlight.

It’s Mike McCartney, Not McCarthy…

McCartney has often been confused for McCartney on Twitter, but the trend kicked into overdrive when the long-time Packers Head Coach signed in Dallas. McCartney’s wife texted him. Then McCartney, a dad-joking trickster sprung into action. Listen to the Mike McCartney interview in the podcast below to hear more.

The best part about all of this is that McCartney plays along. He’ll often response in ways that play along with the mistaken identity. This is especially hilarious when McCarthy is on the sidelines and, supposedly, not tweeting.

As for McCarthy, the Cowboys coach seems blissfully unaware. McCartney answered whether or not he’s spoken to the coach about it, but it sounds like the longtime coach didn’t really get the concept.

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A Lifetime Around the Game

McCartney is more than just a viral Twitter star. The longtime “Super Agent,” has coached at the college level and spent time in the front offices of both the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. Before any of that, though, McCartney was the son of Bill McCartney, the Hall of Fame college coach.

As an agent, McCartney is part of Priority Sports. His client list of the years has been a who’s-who of NFL stars. More than that, though, McCartney has had some of the most stand-up characters in the league. That’s intentional. Priority Sports and McCartney only recruit a certain caliber of attitude. They avoid character red flags. Because of that, they’re clients are often long-tenured players, team captains, and successful long after retirement.

In addition to the Mike McCartney interview, hosts Ty Schalter (FiveThirtyEight) Samantha Bunten (NBC Sports) & Michael Schottey (The Brawl Network) talked about COVID-19’s impact on the league and a number of other topics.

Listen to this episode of The Brawl-22 below, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Michael Schottey is a sports writing & radio industry veteran of over a decade with stops in local sports radio, podcasting and sites like Bleacher Report, Forbes, Fansided and many others. He serves as Director of Operations for The Brawl Network and is a member of the Professional Football Writers of America and the Society of Professional Journalists.


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