Miami Hurricanes win

The Miami Hurricanes get another win

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By Juan Figueroa November 7, 2020 0 Comment
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The Miami Hurricanes get another win in a nail biter against the NC State wolf pack. D’Eriq King was absolutely magnificent and the defense struggled once again. But in the end they got the win and that is all that matters.

D’Eriq King

We can not give the Canes QB enough credit for how well he played. His grit and toughness in the most difficult situations truly set him apart. King was deadly efficient going 31/41 on 430 yards passing, with five touchdowns! He also added 105 yards on the ground. King just seemed to make every play that was needed. Every time the Canes offense was in a rough spot he would make a play and push them over the top.

D’Eriq King should be on Heisman watch this year. He constantly wills this team to wins. The success the Canes have had this year lie on his shoulders. He has said that the reason he came to UM was to put this team on his shoulders. Will them to victories. King is doing just that.

The defense

Well, this is not a championship defense right now. Lets be honest this defense just is not where we as fans want them to be. But, there was one bright spot that was pretty interesting. Manny Diaz showed a tremendous amount of confidence in his defense in the 4th quarter.

With the Canes down 34-41 at the one yard line. The Miami Hurricanes were called for a crucial false start penalty pushing them back. Coach Manny Diaz made the decision to kick the field goal instead of going for the tie right then and there. A move Canes fans surely questioned, reason being, the defense had not stopped the wolf pack all night. After all, they had put up 41 points up to that point. On the ensuing possession the Canes forced a critical three and out.

The confidence Manny showed in his defense may have been the turning point for them. After the offense scored the go ahead touchdown, the Canes defense would a force turnover that iced the game. They were not great, But they stepped up in a big way in the two most key moments of the game.

Just win baby!

The Miami Hurricanes are at Virginia Tech next week in a very winnable game. All the games remaining on their schedule are winnable games. They just need to keep winning. As long as they continue to do their job, everything will fall in place. One win at a time.


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