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Matt Nagy Grounding His Air Attack?

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By Andrew Heck September 15, 2020 1 Comment
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Matt Nagy Seemed to change things up in his play calling in Sundays opener, and if its any indication it might just be exactly what the Chicago Bears needed.

Matt Nagy brought his team onto the field Sunday for the season opener against in Detroit. A lot of things were different this season than they were last year. New players, coaches, and the environment in which the players were playing in were all changed in some fashion. The one change that might have stood out to Bears fans? Nagy seemed to come out and ground his air attack, running the ball with success.

Matt Nagy did what he needed too and brought in the right guy

Last year if you ask anyone who watched any Chicago Bears football, they would likely agree that Chicago struggled with running the ball. Whether it be his choice to go with a predominant pass happy offense, or the fact that the ground game just seemed to never get going, it was a frustrating sight to watch. One thing that the Bears did was bring in Offensive Line coach Juan Castillo. The very respected, and successful coach was a popular hire in the off-season among fans, and Sundays  game shows why. The Bears not only came out running the ball, but running it up the middle, and to the outsides with success. You could tell the run schemes were much more complex and a lot harder for the defenses to get a grasp on than they were at anytime last year.

It was nice to see some play action pass plays called

While it may not have always translated to big plays Sunday on the field, it was a promising sight to see the Bears use some play action pass calls, especially in the first half. This was something that seemed to be lacking all of last season. This could be a result of not being able to quite get the ground game going last year, but it adds a whole other dimension to the passing game. It will keep defenders honest, and can lead to a Defensive Back biting on a play and leaving the opposing defense susceptible to a big play.

Continue on the ground and the wins should follow

The Chicago Bears have an elite defense. That might not seem true now as they came out of the gate a little slow Sunday, but they aren’t the part of the team to worry about. The defense will find there footing, and get back to where they need to be. Its the offense that will determine how far this team goes, and if they can get back to the playoffs.

The passing game might always be a little shaky, but Chicago doesn’t have a lack of talent in the backfield. They have David Montgomery as the lead back. They also have Tarik Cohen and Cordarelle Patterson that they can play around with. Running the ball will help with the passing game, as well as win the time of possession battle. With this defense. that’s a recipe for success. The San Francisco 49ers ran there way to a super bowl last year behind a stout defense. The Chicago Bears need to use that same blue print, and make a run to the playoffs.


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Cheryl campbell

September 15, 2020

Great read!

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