Luka the Magnificient

Luka the Magnificient

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By Nick Holz August 24, 2020 0 Comment
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As he probes from the three-point line Luka Doncic has only one outcome in mind. The sophomore sensation takes a few dribbles and attacks Reggie Jackson, all the while setting up his signature move. Doncic steps back and fires like a sharpshooter in an old Western movie, sinking the game winner like a bullet through the hearts of his adversaries.

Somehow, someway, without his horned 7-foot sidekick, the 21-year old Slovenian continues to take the NBA by storm. On a night in which he was almost solely guarded by the Clippers two superstars, supposedly both of them among the very best wing defenders in the league, Luka dominated.
His game-winning buzzer beater merely put the cherry on top of a marvelous performance. A 43-point, triple double masterclass by undoubtedly the best young player in the game. At this point, he may even be among the top 5 players in the world. No one has done what this Maverick has at this age. The question was even broached last night on Twitter as to whether Doncic is better than a 21-year old Lebron James.

A comparison to the King, and perhaps even surpassing basketball royalty, is among the greatest compliments that one can earn. Above all, Luka has the kind of all around skills that lead to Hall of Fame careers. He has the uncanny ability to create, at such a young age, that many can only dream of. His years as a pro in Europe have put him so far ahead of his peers it’s almost laughable. Doncic’s greatness flies directly in the face of the old adage that the NBA is afraid of European talents developing slowly.
Luka is head and shoulders above his contemporaries. It’s ludicrous to wonder how he wasn’t the undisputed first overall selection just two years ago. He is, without a doubt, a top 3 play-maker in the league already. Additionally, he has the strength and patience to attack even the league’s most versatile defenders. Nothing fazes this kid. Not to mention his innate ability to take over games in the clutch and deliver. Doncic stares into Kawhi Leonard‘s unrelenting face and shrugs.
On Sunday night, Doncic became the first player in NBA history to finish with 43 points, 17 boards, and 13 assists. Furthermore, his performance entered the Slovenian into the annals of basketball history. Doncic became just the second man, along with Michael Jeffery Jordan, to complete a 40 point playoff performance with a buzzer beater while his team was trailing.

Moreover, Luka became the youngest player in NBA history to record a 40 point postseason triple double. He now has two triple doubles in only four career playoff games. Jordan’s game winner in Cleveland will forever be remembered as “The Shot”. If the Mavericks win this series, what will we call Luka’s exploits? Magnificent indeed.

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