Logan Thomas are we sleeping on him

Logan Thomas: Are we sleeping on him?

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By David Opperman August 29, 2020 0 Comment
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Entering the 2020 season the tight end position was a priority after an initial hard push for Austin Hooper did not materialize. The tight end position is vital in Scott Turner’s offense thus many felt this team did not do enough at the position. After adding Logan Thomas as the starter alongside Jeremy Sprinkle, fans weren’t exactly inspired.

As camp surges on, Logan Thomas has not so quietly stood out in camp. Now the question comes to mind, Are we sleeping on Logan Thomas ?

Logan Thomas Scouting Report

Logan Thomas was a dual-threat quarterback in college possessing a unique combination of speed, size and strength. Although scouts were impressed with his arm strength, Logan’s lack of decisiveness and slow release raised red flags.

Drawing comparisons to Colin Kaepernick as a read option quarterback, Thomas’ tendency to throw into contested coverage hurt his value.

Ultimately Arizona drafted him in 2014. He played in two games at quarterback and completed one pass. He bounced around the league until he made the switch to tight end in 2016.

In three years as a tight end, Thomas amassed a stat line of 35-317-2. While not impressive, he was a productive run blocker early on, as he developed at his new position.

Last year in Detroit, his stat line was very pedestrian catching only 16 passes. Although the transition isn’t going to happen overnight, you’d hope to see more progress in 3 years.

Not everyone can transition from a highly recruited quarterback talent into a raw and coveted tight end prospect like Jordan Reed. So what could the Washington Football Team reasonably expect in 2020 ?

Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates

While many don’t become the talent Jordan Reed is after transitioning to tight end, it is possible.

Jimmy Graham, played four years of college basketball and just one year of college football at Miami. Graham’s measurements were relatively similar to Thomas while clocking at a slightly faster forty time and higher vertical jump.

It wasn’t until his 3rd year at the position that Graham broke out in a big way for New Orleans. His stat line of 99-1310-11 made him a premier player at tight end.

Antonio Gates, an undrafted free agent for the Chargers, ran an unofficial 40 time of 4.5 seconds. He also had a near 40” vertical leap. Granted Gates came with more agility than most tight ends. But his 6’4” and 255lb frame nearly mirrors that of Logan Thomas.

Gates’ break out came in year two with a 81-964-13 stat line. Not a great run blocker and an unpolished route runner but his hands and separation made him elite for a decade.

Why Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates ? First, let’s acknowledge that key factors for success at tight end is running under a 4.75 forty, minimum vertical of 32” and at least a 6’2”.

Logan Thomas checks all of those boxes. His body type comes closest to converted tight ends Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates while offering more run blocking ability. As a dual-threat quarterback, it’s fair to assess his agility comes closest to Gates. Yet his speed matches more with Graham.

Final Thought

The jury is still out on Logan Thomas. However, his progression in camp has been noticeable. The chemistry formed with Haskins thus far, especially red zone drills in 11 vs 11, has been nearly unstoppable.

Thomas has shown more polished route running, explosiveness off the line and much better body control as a former collegiate quarterback, recognizing defensive schemes and where to find holes to sit down in should be invaluable.

Logan Thomas has much to prove going into year four, but this marks his first true opportunity as a lead tight end.

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Logan Thomas are we sleeping on him

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