Lions VS Jaguars week 6

Lions VS Jaguars week 6 preview

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WEEK 6: Lions VS Jaguars preview

Lions Vs Jaguars matchup history

Lions VS Jaguars week 6 will showcase two struggling teams. They do not face each other often because they are in different divisions. The Lions in the NFC North and the Jaguars in the AFC South. The two teams have faced off 6 times with the series being 3-3, the Lions winning the last two games in 2016 and 2012. So, the Lions come into this game with a two-game winning streak and hoping on somewhat needing to keep it alive. Not only to keep their fans happy but to keep their season alive and even possibly their Head coach with a job.

How has the Jaguars defense been up to this point?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are headed into this game 1-4, coming out strong against the Colts week one winning 27-20. Their defense, like the Lions, has had its issues this year. The Jaguars have one of the worst passing defenses in the league allowing an average of 8.8 yards per reception and allowing an average of 280 yards a game. Along with it not being too much better on the rushing defense. Their defense against the rush is a little better than against the pass but it still isn’t anything spectacular. Allowing an average of 4.6 yards per carry and 136.6 rushing yards a game which is among the worst in the NFL.

How is the Jaguars offense?

The Jaguars offense this year has had its bright spots. For example, year two quarterback Gardner Minshew has shown glimpses of being a great quarterback. But also has shown that his arm strength is not all there and really only looks for short to medium passes. No discredit to him, this jaguars team has a top 10 passing offense averaging 268 yards a game through the air along with a rushing attack averaging 98.4 a game. Which is one of the worst. So to sum it up the Jaguars rely heavily on the pass because they have struggled this year in their first five games to get the running game going.

How has the Lions season been up to this point?

This Lions team has been super slow and everyone is ready for this team to turn it around. The Lions come into this game 1-3. Losing games one and two against the Bears and Packers. But stealing a week three victory against the Cardinals only to fall short to an injured Saints team in week four.

How has the Lions defense been up to this point?

This Lions defense has shown it can be good when they get it together. Proving that in week three getting 3 interceptions off of the up and coming quarterback that is Kyler Murray. The Lions passing defense has not been horrible this year being along the middle of the NFL. Allowing an average of 7.9 yards per reception and 234.8 yards a game. Though not stellar numbers, that is with key guys out and having young rookie Jeff Okudah trying to cover the most elite receivers in the NFL for his first starts. Matching up against Devante Adams and Deandre Hopkins already this season.

Though their passing defense has shown slight improvements their rushing defense is the worst in the NFL allowing 5.2 yards a carry and 170.3 yards a game on the ground.

How is the Lions offense?

The Lions offense started off like where it left off with Matthew Stafford and Kenny Golladay being one of the best QB and WR duo in the NFL. With the Lions getting about 7.4 yards per reception and 232 yards a game in the air. Passing has been the Lions bread and butter for years though trying to get a run game it hasn’t shown to be amazing this year. With 4.1 yards a carry and an average of 101 yards a game.

What will the Lions have to do to pull out a win this week?

The Lions will have to stop the rushing game even though as a whole, they haven’t been good. Running back James Robinson has been having a great season. So they need to game plan to slow the rushing attack. But also find a way to get to Minshew and make the pocket collapse, not giving him all day in the pocket. Minshew has shown, give him time and he will make you pay so the Lions need to find a way to stop that. Also, they need to change play sequencing and allow Stafford to take deep shots and pick apart this young Jaguars secondary.


Look for the the defense to hold up, the Lions win 35-28.


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