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By samhicks615 July 10, 2020 3 Comment

Jadeveon Clowney is still available to be signed by the Titans. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions during this year’s free agency for Titans fans

The latest news that we have is that JRob wants to see Jadeveon Clowney workout in person before pulling the trigger. Understandable due to Clowney’s injures and the type of contract that he’s searching for. Log onto twitter and there is the same news each day like clockwork, what’s the plan for Clowney and when is Derrick Henry getting paid? Covid-19 may single handedly cost us the free agent that fans have been begging for all offseason, and the Titans secondary is who is costing the most.


Malcolm Butler and gang clearly look prime and ready to defend the secondary this year, that’s not really the issue. Look at Clowney’s 2017 and 2018 seasons when he has played 15 or more games. He has over 9 sacks in both of those years and was a force opposite J.J. Watt in his time there. Houston was supposed to be the team in the AFC South and it was in large part to what Clowney was able to help that defense do. Having that kind of pass rush makes like so much easier on the Titans secondary. It also causes a quarterback fits on third and long when he knows the ears are pinned back. Just look at the Bears in 2018. A dominant pass rush helped them get 27 interceptions which was by far the most in the league that year. A dominant force like Clowney would help the Titans in that area.

Clowney or Bust?

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Let’s not forget that Vic Beasley did rack up 8 sacks last year. So there’s not a “Clowney or Bust” feeling for the Titans. The young linebackers are coming back faster, stronger, and hungrier after being one game from a Super Bowl birth last season. This offseason has a buzz about it with the fans and they’re fired up for a chance to see the Titans take the next step. The ideal situation would be that JRob and Clowney are able to get their meeting, and the blockbuster signing everyone is screaming from the rooftops for come to fruition.

Defense Still Wins Champions

People are quick to forget that the Chiefs were a top 10 defense because of how explosive they were on offense last year. That defense was the first defense in that playoffs to stop Henry and change the pace of that game. So the Titans doing whatever they can to make sure they go from 15th or top 10 makes perfect sense. Now is the time to go for it, and the city knows it and they want it.



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Joseph Barnes

July 10, 2020

Clowney and Beasley puts the defense into a top 3 unit in my opinion. Especially when you factor in Evans and Simmons getting another year to improve. Plus Fulton, and Joseph and you got a super bowl. Clowney said he didn’t “just want a check and play for no sorry team back in February... and J Rob is wayyy too tight and smart to give him anything more than 13-14 million. So we’re gonna find out real soon how true and how bad Clowney wants to win over money... I suspect with him loving Vrabel and Joseph and all the familiarity with the former Texans coaches on our defense he inks with Tennessee.


Sam Hicks

July 10, 2020

I agree 100%. He makes it hard on offensive lines because if you double him then Beasley and Simmons are coming in hot!!!



July 10, 2020

I think a force like Clowney may actually boost The Titans other pass rushers, and be seen for 5-7 games as an over spend like he was in Seattle this past season, before he started racking up stats, because the full D was improved.

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