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Kobe Bryant Posthumously inducted into James Naismith Hall Of Fame

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By Nick Holz April 4, 2020 0 Comment
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In the midst of a global crisis, the NBA has brought some joy

The announcement that Kobe Bryant was to be among basketball’s Hall of Fame class of 2020 was expected long before his death. Now the Hall of Fame has made it official. The “Black Mamba”, who tragically passed away in a helicopter crash on January 26th, headlines a nine-person group announced today as this year’s Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame class.

Most fans begin watching and playing sports at a young age. Those same people stay because of the incredible athletes, and the performances that make you feel like anything is possible. No matter what happened in life, Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers were there to give fans an escape. To show people around the globe, no matter the odds, anything is achievable. Through hard work and perseverance, Kobe prevailed.

There are hardly enough words in the English vocabulary to give Kobe’s life, and career, the credit he fully deserves. Perhaps his own words will do. He once said, “There’s no greater metaphor for life, than sports itself. The fact that we can have a collection of athletes, that come from different backgrounds, with different beliefs, different political views, but yet can figure out a way to understand each other, how to work well with each other towards a common goal…there’s no greater metaphor for life than that.” The world needs more Kobe’s in these trying times.

Kobe Bryant transcended sports

Kobe Bryant was an unstoppable force in the NBA and in life. He was, arguably, the greatest of All-Time, not just for his immeasurable skills, but for the way he played the game. During his illustrious 20-year career, “Bean” won five NBA Titles, and the 2008 MVP award. He will be remembered not only for his many victories, but for the way in which he seemed to suck the very soul from his opponents. Whether with an extraordinary shot to win the game, or an acrobatic finish, Kobe often stunned opponents into submission. Every play he made was a statement. The “Black Mamba” didn’t only come to win. He was there to besiege your inner self, to take your heart and soul. To crush your concept of victory.

The news that Kobe is to be enshrined in basketball’s palace of lore, alongside other greats in Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan, will come as no surprise. Kobe surely expected to become a Hall of Famer before ever stepping foot on an NBA hardwood. His candidacy was never in question. Frankly, Kobe was a lock to be inducted into the James Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame before he even turned 24 years old.

On the court, he was immortal. Standing at six feet, six inches tall, his persona and relentless work ethic drove him high above his peers. He will remain so in our hearts. Kobe Bryant will forever be immortalized in the James Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame on August 29th.

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