Key takeaways from the NFL's week ten and what does it mean for the upcoming playoffs?

Key takeaways from the NFL’s week ten and what does it mean for the upcoming playoffs?

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By Steve Kemper November 19, 2020 0 Comment
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Week ten is complete . What happened this week that can play a large role in seeing which teams are playing in January?

New England weathered the storm against the Ravens

The New England Patriots used a consistent run game and threw in a few trick plays to knock off the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night. The biggest story to this game was the weather in Foxboro. As the game went on the weather got worse and it was apparent that the Patriots were comfortable, whereas the Ravens looked lost and miserable. Cam Newton and Rex Burkhead scored touchdowns and the Patriots suddenly found themselves within shouting distance of a wildcard slot. With three more games in division before the season ends, this team could be a surprise entrant into the playoffs.


The Saints win sixth in a row but at what cost?

New Orleans has been battling injuries and covid-19 positive tests all season. On Sunday, the biggest blow took place in the second quarter when Drew Brees was taken down on a play and landed hard on his side. The result was broken ribs and a collapsed lung. The week prior, it was found out that he had broken ribs on the other side of his body. Now, the Saints will go with Jameis Winston, a more than capable quarterback in the NFL but one who has struggled with turning the ball over. Last year a broken Thumb sidelined Brees for five weeks and the saints went undefeated. In the next three weeks they face the Falcons twice and the Broncos. If Jameis can win three out of four games, the Saints should have the number one seed locked up by the time Brees comes back.


Giants beat the Eagles, Who the heck wins NFC East?

For a division that had two powerhouse preseason super bowl picks in the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, it is crazy to think that going into Thanksgiving this division is as up for grabs as it is. Both Washington Football Team and Dallas have had gruesome Quarterback injuries. Philadelphia has had a hard time staying healthy as well but got back many key contributors after a bye week. Can the New York Giants be the favorite at this point? Philadelphia has a gauntlet of a schedule the final two months. Dallas, who was left for dead a few weeks back, faces one opponent with a winning record the rest of the year. In two months, a six-win Dallas or New York team could wind up being the playoff host to a team with twice as many wins, if that does not sum up 2020, I do not know what does.


Who is the MVP frontrunner?

Russell Wilson was running away with this award after the first six games of the season. He was on pace to match touchdown records and his team was on a roll. The last three weeks Russell has come back down to earth. The safe pick is always going to be Patrick Mahomes. He is leading the best team in the NFL and quietly puts up video game numbers week in, week out. What about Kyler Murray? His team is suddenly in first place, he had a play for the ages on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, and he is not only passing, but using his feet to put up numbers. It looks like at this point it will be a toss up between Mahomes and Murray as long as the same stats are put up and their teams keep winning. A dark horse could be Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, even though they are not having career years.


Can the real Green Bay Packers please stand up?

Green Bay won again this week at Lambeau field, but that is not the headline. The packers were heavy favorites coming into a game versus a team that had not won since the first week of the year. The Jacksonville Jaguars were starting a seventh-round quarterback and were playing in cold weather, this should have been a blowout. This is why I do not trust the Packers as far as I can throw them. The record does not reflect the team. Of their seven wins, only one was impressive (Saints) and the other team with a winning record wiped the floor with them (Tampa). With only two more games this year versus a team with winning records, they are a shoo-in for the playoffs. Having no fans at Lambeau takes away this team’s biggest advantage in late season and playoff games. I expect an early exit for the Packers in the playoffs.


The rest of week 10

Kirk Cousins finally did it! He won on Monday night for the first time in his career. The game was hard to watch at times with Chicago’s offense, but the result is a win. Tampa Bay went into Carolina and doubled up the Panthers. Tom Brady looked like the goat again and Ronald Jones ran a 98-yard touchdown. The Miami Dolphins won again and are suddenly only a half game back of the Buffalo Bills. With an easy schedule the rest of the way, could the Dolphins end up AFC East champs? The Cleveland Browns won at home in ugly fashion. The biggest news of this game was if you were a Nick Chubb fantasy football owner. Las Vegas bullied up on the Denver Broncos to set up a huge Sunday night matchup against the Chiefs this week. Lastly, the Seattle Seahawks continued to struggle, losing to the Rams.

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