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By Roger Beane August 15, 2020 0 Comment
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Travis Kelce agrees to a four year extension with the Kansas City Chiefs to help them run it back. Veach continues with his grand plan.

The Kansas City Chiefs and tight end Travis Kelce agree to a four year, $57 million extension. Kelce has two years remaining on his current contract but the extension will keep him in Kansas City for six more seasons. Many have wondered if this is a good move for the Chiefs since he will be in his late 30s at then end of the extension. That should not be a concern for Chief fans because this was Brett Veach’s plan.

Grand Plan

During the off season Veach set out a plan to keep as much of the Super Bowl Championship team together. Giving Kelce an extension is just another check mark off that plan. The first task was to get Patrick Mahomes a long term contract, then take care of Chris Jones, and last extend Kelce.

Most will see that the Chiefs extended a tight end that is aging and paying him after his prime. However, Kelce has only missed one game in the past six season. Kelce has been a really reliable tight end that wrecks havoc for defensive coordinators.

The difference between Kelce and other tight ends is the relationship with the quarterback. Mahomes and Kelce’s relationship is something rare for the NFL. Veach knew this is special and the rest of the team.

Run It Back Tour

The run it back tour continues to be a strong motto in the Chiefs locker room. Kelce is another piece to help the Chiefs complete their run it back tour. Going forward Kelce will have a major role in the offense to help Mahomes when he is in trouble. He also can help the wide receivers because the defenders will be worried about giving up short gains to him and the mismatch for linebackers. Kelce has everything that the Chiefs need to bring more Super Bowls.

The man behind the scenes is Brett Veach and he continues to make surprise moves to help the Chiefs. Everyone said that the Chiefs will not be able to keep their superstar players and have to move on from some. Veach proved that teams can keep star players if they want to. He also proved that the salary cap is just a guide and not absolute every year. With 20 of 22 players returning from the 2019 Chiefs, everyone needs to prepare for the Run It Back Tour!

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