K.J. Hamler will push the Broncos to new heights

K.J. Hamler Will Push the Broncos to New Heights

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 Will K.J. Hamler be the next great NFL speedster?

After selecting wide receiver Jerry Jeudy in round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft, John Elway seemed content with the improvement of the receiver room. He then doubled down on his desire to bring explosiveness to the Broncos’ offense by selecting wide receiver K.J. Hamler in the 2nd round. Elway saw that Hamler could bring a different skillset, one that could push the Broncos’ offense to new heights.

In college, Hamler showed off his game-breaking speed and ability to make huge plays when it mattered most. He was an ace in the return game, ranking in the top ten the past two seasons in yards per return on kicks and punts.

He showed his versatility as he moved around the formation. Hamler used his speed to excel on sweeps, out of the backfield and at his normal receiver position.

While he doesn’t possess the elite route running that Jeudy does, Hamler does have speed and agility to make NFL corners look silly. He also has a knack for making game-changing plays in the biggest moments. In short, Hamler’s explosiveness will transform the Broncos’ offense.

How will Hamler push the Broncos’ offense?

His college tape shows a few things that suggest he will be successful in the NFL. He routinely blows past defenders playing off-coverage.

One of the selling points for John Elway and Coach Vic Fangio was Hamler’s electric speed. Due to a hamstring injury, Hamler was unable to run an official 40 yard dash at the scouting combine. To get a rough estimate, Fangio and Elway hand clocked a kick return that Hamler made against Michigan in 2019. Despite the return being called back due to penalty, Elway timed him running 40 yards in 3.93 seconds.

Bengals’ receiver John Ross holds the fastest official time recorded at the scouting combine at 4.22 seconds. Expect Hamler to be among the fastest players in the NFL, despite his unofficial 40-yd dash time being recorded with a running start.

One of the best parts of Hamler’s game is his instinctual ability to find holes in zone defenses. This trait came up constantly when watching Hamler’s film. Whether he learned this at Penn State, or has a natural ability to see the weak spots will be determined in the NFL. However, this is a great sign that Hamler should see success early, and often.

Hamler will need to work on his release against press at the line of scrimmage, a common issue among most rookies in the NFL. However, once teams learn how fast he really is, he will not be dealing with as much press coverage.

Why did Hamler fall to the 2nd round?

The biggest question for K.J. Hamler was his drops. He had 16 drops throughout this past year, equating to a drop rate of almost 17 percent. While this number ranked among the worst of his classmates, these types of drops are very fixable.

From watching his film, Hamler looks to break every short catch into a huge gain. This desire can often come at the expense of ball security. He will see a lot more tight and contested catch points in the NFL than he did in college, so ball security should be paramount for him this offseason.

General Manager John Elway came into the draft looking to add explosiveness to the offense. K.J. Hamler is exactly the type of player the Broncos’ offense needs. He can play in the slot, or punish corners who try to jam him at the line outside. Hamler’s versatility is excellent, as he can play in the backfield, or can play special teams. No matter where he is used, Hamler transforms the Broncos’ offense.

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