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Justin Jefferson draft breakdown for the 49ers

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 The WR class is loaded in this year’s draft, thus it would make sense to hold off until a later round to pick up a WR. However, that’s not a luxury the 49ers have.

The perfect receiver for Shanahan’s offense would be one that has the size and technical ability to work over the middle and is very reliable and is great at adding yards after the catch. An added bonus would be blocking skills as Shanahan’s frequent use of outside zone puts a lot heavier emphasis on the blocking skills of his receivers than most teams.

After playing primarily from the slot last season, Justin Jefferson’s production skyrocketed. He was also targeted a lot on third downs and he consistently showed off his great hands and his ability to find soft spots in zones and be QB friendly.


Dig Routes

He was used a lot on digs and other in-breaking routes, which are frequently used by Shanahan. He was also used a lot on option routes, which he was very effective on, and which are also a big part of Shanahan’s offense, and thus the transition should be pretty smooth.



Red zone

Arguably the 49ers’ offense biggest weakness was their ineffectiveness in the red zone, ranking 20th in TD percentage, while having one of the most dominant running games in the league. Thus, a key focus should be on improving their passing game in the red zone. Jefferson was incredibly effective in the red zone, which is highlighted by the fact he had an absurd 18 touchdowns.


As mentioned above, blocking is an important skill for a WR in Shanahan’s offense; Jefferson is certainly better than most.


Can he take the pressure?

Another important factor for the 49ers is being able to play well in high pressure games as they’re likely going to be super bowl contenders for multiple more years. Jefferson had almost 450 yards and 5 TD’s over the last three games of the season for LSU last season, so performance in big games is certainly not a concern.

Overall, Jefferson would be a great addition to the 49ers and out of the likely receivers that would be available at pick 31, Jefferson is by far the best fit. Jefferson should fall to the 49ers because his skillset is extremely underrated. Even though his production was obviously benefited from the play of Joe burrow, there were many plays that I watched where Jefferson was open but wasn’t part of the progression or Burrow decided not to throw it to him.

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