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Josh Rosen faces uncertainty about his future for second consecutive year

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With the Miami Dolphins set to draft their next franchise quarterback, Josh Rosen faces uncertainty for the second straight off-season.

The Miami Dolphins acquired quarterback Josh Rosen from the Arizona Cardinals on day two of the 2019 NFL Draft. The Cardinals decided it was time to part ways with Rosen after one season. During his rookie year in Arizona, Rosen threw more interceptions than touchdowns and completed just over half of his passes. The Dolphins acquired Rosen for second and fifth-round picks.

In his short amount of playing time with Miami, Josh Rosen looked like something less than an NFL Quarterback. Rosen saw playing time in six games during the 2019 season. In those games, he threw a single touchdown and five interceptions. While the Dolphins are in a rebuild, it would have gross mismanagement of his duties for head coach Brian Flores, to keep Rosen on the field.

What’s next for the Dolphins at the Quarterback position?

The Dolphins have been increasingly open about their plans to acquire a young Quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft. They have also announced that Ryan Fitzpatrick will return for a second season with the team. Depending on Brian Flores’ willingness to carry three Quarterbacks, Rosen may be the odd man out.

Trading Rosen right now does nothing for the team. The Dolphins would have to take pennies on the dollar, in terms of value given up, to ship Rosen elsewhere. With the contract essentially costing the Dolphins nothing in terms of salary, Rosen will have to stay put in Miami for now. Miami will have to keep three quarterbacks on the active roster for as long as they can until they can somehow manufacture some value for Rosen.

What is the plan for Josh Rosen?

One option the Dolphins have is to wait this out until some point before the trade deadline. As injuries pile up for teams around the league, desperation kicks in for teams who lose their Quarterbacks during training camp. In recent years we’ve seen the Minnesota Vikings send a first-round pick for Sam Bradford, and these very same Miami Dolphins call Jay Cutler out of retirement. There is more value in trading with a team who loses their Quarterback before the season starts. Once games are played, and a few losses happen, there is a good chance that teams will be more open to accepting a lost season and positioning themselves for a top draft pick.

The other option for the Dolphins is to try and build up value for Rosen throughout the season and trading him next off-season. If Miami does indeed draft Alabama Quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, there is a solid chance he would have to sit for an extended period. It would leave Rosen as the lone backup for Fitzpatrick. Should Fitzpatrick struggle or get hurt, Rosen would have to play. If Rosen plays well, that is Miami’s chance to get some return value and correct this horrible mistake.

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