Is Jon Jones next in line for Heavyweight Title shot?

Is Jon Jones next in line for Heavyweight Title shot?

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Does Jon Jones deserve a title shot in his first heavyweight fight?

Jon Jones is one of the more polarizing fighters in UFC history. He is by far one of the most talented, and dominating champions the UFC has ever seen. Surprisingly, Jones has announced he will vacate his belt and move to heavyweight. He is moving into a division that is stacked, and UFC Rankings 1-10 is loaded with extremely talented fighters.

Does Jon Jones deserve to skip the likes of Francis Ngannou, Derrick Lewis, Curtis Blades? Bypassing an entire division, is really unfair for those trying to earn their shot.

While it is unfair, Jon Jones is not a normal fighter. He has dominated the UFC Light Heavyweight division for a decade, and only had a few tests in his career. Some call him the GOAT, but that is subjective and with his drug abuse, it is hard to make the claim.

Currently, the UFC has Jon Jones as the top P4P fighter. That ranks him higher than Khabib, Stipe and the list goes on. The “unfair” argument is about the only reason someone can make to say Jon doesn’t deserve this shot.

Since joining the UFC back in August 2008 he has had 22 fights. His official record is 26-1-1. His only loss was a questionable disqualification due to downward elbows.

For the sake of argument, Jon Jones has never been defeated in the octagon.

Could Jon cement himself as the greatest heavyweight of all-time?

Simply YES.

The world just witnessed Stipe Miocic beating Daniel Cormier in a trilogy to prove who was the greatest heavyweight of all time. Jon Jones beat DC twice at light heavyweight, and DC beat Stipe.

While Stipe has run through the division, there aren’t many more new fights for him. Francis Ngannou looks almost inhuman in the octagon. But, he was thoroughly defeated by Miocic. Leaving an opening for Jon Jones.

Jon Jones has a better resume than any other heavyweight in the division. Having a fighter move to a new division and get a title shot is not uncommon. The precedence has been set already with the likes of Conor McGregor, George St. Pierre, and Jose Aldo just to name a few in recent history.

If Jon Jones gets his title shot, he will have the opportunity that no other fighter before him has had. He has time on his side. This opportunity is coming while he is still in his prime. Jon is only 33 years young.

He has dominated the light heavyweight division and leaves unbeaten. Now if he is able to win the heavyweight belt, he will have many years to defend it.

Choosing to vacate the light heavyweight belt and not try to become a two-division champion is very interesting.

Love him, or hate him, Jon Jones has dominated the light heavyweight division for the last decade. Jones has a better resume than the majority of heavyweights. He deserves a title shot, and will likely be the next in line.

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