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Jack Del Rio Attacked on Twitter

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By David Opperman June 25, 2020 3 Comment

The Twitter Interaction

Jack Del Rio, defensive co-ordinator for the Washington Redskins, made some waves on Twitter this past week which garnered various comments. He reacted to a tweet acknowledging proof that AOC hates America replying, “WOW?!! Proof…c’mon AOC.” Another exchange someone called him a Trump supporter, “I’m 100% for America, if you’re not you can kiss my A$$!”

This all comes as a surprise as Jack Del Rio doesn’t have a history of engaging in political type conversations. His typical interactions revolved around sports, acknowledging accolades of others’ life achievements, or some sort a motivational quote. When his recent engagements on Twitter came about of course the reactions were coming in droves.

Harsh Criticism Warranted?

Some topics tend to get very controversial and politics is certainly one. Too often, when sharing an opposing view, people are immediately painted in a negative light in today’s society. Granted the delivery steers the reactions while soliciting ranging emotions but are some of these attacks valid?

One comment made reference to Del Rio not supporting the Kaepernick protest yet he supported Marshawn Lynch’s kneeling protest. Knowing the respect by players he has throughout the league, the racist remarks seem to be invalid and emotionally charged. Consider his reply, “Really dude, WTF,” to Terrance Williams’, a known Conservative, comment to Bubba Wallace and the noose story. How would you classify him a racist while clearly supporting Bubba Wallace?

The Redskins fan base has no doubt ranged from good, bad, and the ugly. Many are embracing the new culture shift Ron Rivera has brought and are rightfully concerned his comments can be counterproductive. As mentioned earlier, a certain level of decorum is expected from this staff and some fear Jack stepped over the line. Then, there are fans regarding him as a typical Trump supporting racist, although nothing supports that ideology. Rivera needs to take immediate action. Of course, many fans just want a respectable defense, which he surely can bring, thus having zero care of his politics.

Final Thoughts

These coming weeks will surely be interesting as the media coverage, locally and nationally, will cover Del Rio’s comments thoroughly. Ron Rivera will certainly have to address the situation at some point in the near future. Surely, some news outlets and other nationally recognized journalists will drive a specific narrative as well. Especially during a time of discourse in this country, there is going to be a continued backlash over the coming weeks.

With that said, it’s also important we all look at the man himself and his history inside and outside the league. Blanket statements of, “He’s a racist,’ because he appears to be a Trump supporter only seeks to tarnish a person when no supporting facts exist. Expecting a certain level of decorum in his position of leadership on and off the field is also reasonable. Too many instances arise today where people speak off emotion and not reason which only creates unnecessary anger. It’s also not to say one cannot be upset on how he portrayed himself. This way of thinking is understandable. Simply, look at the totality of Jack Del Rio the person, his history in the league, and take a rational assessment moving forward.

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David Opperman

June 26, 2020

Take into account the context of this article discussing Jack’s reply to various tweets and not whether a statement was true or not in reference to AOC. He responded a a particular tweet, which I quoted, from someone claiming AOC hates America and that’s the focus of the article, Jack Del Rio’s response. I do appreciate the time you took to read the article and any feedback is always welcomed.


Frances Opperman

June 25, 2020

Very well said and gives food for more thought and less judgement by looking at the whole story and not just the surface story!



June 25, 2020

"He reacted to a tweet acknowledging proof that AOC hates America..." Say what? The tweet he reacted to was a hoax, it didn't "acknowledge" anything, it was a lie. AOC doesn't "hate America", you moron, and there can't be proof of such a thing.

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