Is this week boom or bust for the Buccaneers

Is this week boom or bust for the Buccaneers?

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This Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be taking on the Carolina Panthers. The Bucs are currently -8.5 point favorites in the matchup after suffering a loss vs the New Orleans Saints. Despite being underdogs last week, the loss sent a shockwave around the NFL. With the doubters and haters having a coming-out party after the loss, is this week boom or bust for the Buccaneers?

Silence the noise

After the loss, the media and fans have been entirely putting the Buccaneers on blast. The Buccaneers were the most talked about team in the offseason. And rightfully. They continued to be the talk of week one after a disappointing loss.

The Bucs can finally get rid of some of the chirpings this week, or they can put themselves in the ringer. A loss this week would be devastating. A team this talented cannot lose to a rebuilding team.

The media would never forgive Tom Brady and his Bucs if they fell to the Panthers in week 2. Success and winning this week, however, would certainly keep them out of the spotlight and let them focus on building team chemistry.

Building team chemistry

This team didn’t look unified after the loss on Sunday. Bruce Arians seemingly blamed Tom Brady and Mike Evans for the entire loss it seemed.

Brady seemed rather frustrated in his response when asked about the comments, “He’s the coach. I’m a player. Just trying to win a game,” Brady said Thursday.

Arians needs to stop taking shots at his players and shoulder some of the blame himself. Or talk less. But we all know that’s not really an option for the Bucs head coach.

Brady was the bigger man and shook it off, but this doesn’t scream unity. Adding a victory would help bring this team together. Not many complain after winning and performing well.

Is this week boom or bust for the Buccaneers?

The answer ultimately is no. However, it becomes a tough hill to climb for this team with a loss. The media would determine the team is dead, and the finger-pointing would grow.

A win this week will take care of some problems for the team. We’ll see if Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Buccaneers are able to overcome some adversity.

Things should not have got to this point and the Bucs did little to help themselves this week. While the play was terrible, the chemistry in the house is a more significant issue. This could lead to season-long problems if not addressed now.

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