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Is This The Biggest Off Season for Jerry Jones?

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By MikeTerrazas February 28, 2020 0 Comment
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Jerry Jones is the most intelligent owner in the NFL when it comes to his money. He just might
be the best in sports today. This off season, he has a boatload of free agents and some of them are key parts to the team such as QB Dak Prescott, WR Amari Cooper, DE Robert Quinn, CB Byron Jones, and longtime Cowboy Linebacker Sean Lee.


2020 Off Season


Dak Prescott

$77 Million is cap space for the 2020 off season, one would think this should be easy money (no
pun Intended) for Jerry Jones to dish out to his players. It just so happens that two players are demanding some high dollars right now. Dak Prescott wants 35-40 million per year and Amari Cooper wants top receiver money. If Dak is truly your franchise QB, what has taken Jones so long resigning him? No one believes Jones is going to let Prescott walk unless they somehow trade up in the draft, but with quite a few quarterback needy teams, that doesn’t look likely. Jones and Prescott seem to be in a bidding war over what Prescott is worth. No one believes Prescott is a top 5 or 10 Quarterback in the NFL, but Prescott has done everything the cowboys have asked of his and then some. He has not missed a single game in his career, he has 2 division titles and a playoff win. He has shown up and shown out at times but we’ve never seen him dominate a contender. But when you look at the quarterback market, it would be smart to keep Prescott and role with him.

Amari Cooper

Now for Amari Cooper. This could be more tricky than Prescott. Cooper was teaser from the Raiders in exchange for a 1st round pick in 2018. He had a pretty good 8 games stretch for them while making huge plays. Then there seemed to have been a drop off in 2019. Cooper dealt with some injuries that forced his to miss games. Then when it came to big time games against the Saints, Patriots, And the Eagles. He didn’t quite show up while failing to gain separation in his routes. Inconsistency has been a problem for cooper in his career. That’s when you start to think how much is he worth? He is the cowboys top receiver, he is the best route runner. Cooper does not deserves to be paid top 3 Receiver money nor should Jones think about resetting the market with a big time contract. Cooper is a great talent but he is not better than Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, Deandre Hopkins, or Michael Thomas. You’ve got injuries and consistency questions when it comes to Cooper. It will be interesting to see if Jones decides to resign him and how much the contract is worth.

Now for other notable Cowboys set to be free agents. CB Byron Jones looks primed to hit the open market. The Philadelphia Eagles look to be the favorite to sign him at this point with their secondary questions they have. Byron Jones will be asking for a lot of money as well so don’t be surprised if he gets paid this year. LB Sean Lee has said he wants to continue playing but is not sure if it will be for the Cowboys or someone else. I’m sure the Cowboys will welcome back Lee for the right price.

Buckle up cowboys fans. Free Agency is right around the Corner.

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