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Is the Transfer Portal Free Agency for College Football Quarterbacks?

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By Tyler Fangman February 2, 2021 0 Comment
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The Rise of the Transfer Portal

Outside of the College Football Playoff, the transfer portal may be the most controversial topic in all of college football right now. Some people argue that the portal is ruining college football. Many players, especially quarterbacks, have left to find greener pastures from their old teams. There are more than a few that have not panned out (i.e., Tate Martell transferred from Ohio State and is now transferring from Miami).

As a whole, college football is better because of the transfer portal. Like it or not, college football will now have a free agency period once the NCAA inevitably passes the one-time transfer rule. For too long, coaches got to just up and leave their programs for greener pastures. They did not have to sit out a year from coaching. Why shouldn’t players have the same opportunity to play right away?

Over the past decade, there have been so many teams that have used the transfer portal to get quarterbacks. Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray both won the Heisman and led Oklahoma to the CFP semifinals. Jalen Hurts followed in their footsteps, reaching the College Football Playoff. Justin Fields transferred from Georgia to Ohio State and made two consecutive CFP semifinal appearances. And of course, Joe Burrow left Ohio State for LSU and led one of the greatest teams of all time to a national championship.

Without the transfer portal, many magical seasons would never have occurred. This year, we saw Northwestern go from a 3-9 season to winning the B1G West and competing with Ohio State in the conference championship. They had a transfer quarterback from Indiana by the name of Peyton Ramsey. Having a capable quarterback in football means everything.

How to Fix the College Football Landscape

The Future of the Transfer Portal

We have seen the transfer portal for quarterbacks turn into an absolute frenzy; teams know they need to get a quarterback to compete. The transfer portal is another way of getting an immediate impact at quarterback. This may be the most important cycle of the portal. Some teams may be relying on high school quarterbacks they did not properly evaluate due to the pandemic. Therefore, finding a “veteran” quarterback in the portal could help save their season as well.

Teams can acquire tape on many of the quarterbacks who are transferring that played for their previous team. This may be huge for teams who believe that they are a quarterback away from competing at a high level on the national stage.

This offseason will be wild, with 119 quarterbacks in the transfer portal. There are only 130 FBS teams. Some quarterbacks will be left in the dust and may have to play below the FBS level. With the names in this article, at least a few who are waiting in the portal’s wings and get immediate eligibility will take their new team to new heights and may even bring their team a shot at the National Title.

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