Is signing Antonio Brown worth the risk?

Is Signing Antonio Brown Worth The Risk???

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By David Opperman June 28, 2020 0 Comment

Antonio Brown is an Elite Talent

Antonio Brown‘s history is certainly a wild ride, with highlight-reel plays and unfavorable off-field issues. No doubt, his contributions to the game placed him among the elite during his time in Pittsburgh. After Brown’s breakout year (2011), he had less than 100 receptions only twice during an 8-year run. Four of his last 5 seasons earned him first-team All-Pro honors as Ben Roethlisberger flourished targeting Antonio Brown. But 2018 everything changed for Brown and his time in Pittsburgh came to an abrupt end.

Strong Montra to Life

Dan Gigler of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote on Antonio Brown’s slogan to life, “Chest up. Eyes up. Prayed up.” Dan’s article discusses Brown’s rocky journey early in his life on the rough and crime-ridden streets in Liberty City, Miami. His dedication to family and faith as he aspires for greatness through motivation truly is inspiring (Highly recommend reading). Antonio Brown surely had everything lined up to succeed and hurdle any obstacles along the way. So what happened?

Leading to his 2018 week 17 inactive status for Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown was making all the wrong headlines for the 12 months prior. Lawsuits submitted for an April incident that cited Brown allegedly throwing furniture from the 14th floor of a condo. Multiply that with incidents with reporters followed shortly by a heated week 2 argument with OC Randy Fichtner, and 2018 wasn’t off to a great start. The apparent breaking point, which led to Brown’s benching, was a reported altercation with Ben Roethlisberger that led to him not reporting a 3rd time that year for practice.

A story by Zac Al-Khateeb could shed some light on the possible personal demons Antonio Brown was struggling with mentally. Brown’s ex-girlfriend had cited mental health concerns as he was making questionable decisions while ignoring those closest to him. Brown watched his family begin to separate as she stated, “Boys and I are working on building a new life free from any impulsive, reckless, and unhealthy behaviors.” Then came the unresolved rape allegations from his former trainer (Britney Taylor) which turned into a civil case. It is possible Brown’s professional life was affected by his personal life falling apart in the last couple of years.

Recent Buzz Around Antonio Brown

As the NFL continues their investigation that has not stopped AB from making the headlines to play in 2020. The recent events revolve around Dwayne Haskins working out with a very healthy looking Antonio Brown. Although the Redskins have an intriguing young WR core, potentially adding an elite talent like Brown gets the attention of this fan base. Redskins Brawl PodCast (Episode: Risky Business) broke it down very well weighing talent vs off the field issues. They discussed one statement by Ryan Clark, “When you give him money, you’re going to create a monster.”

But what if? You see humility is truly humbling and powerful in changing one’s approach in life. So yes, 84’s history can be defined as toxic while Brown’s character is remains in question. However, recent history may show Brown is on the path to redemption. Antonio Brown has stayed relatively clear of any off-field distractions as he’s kept himself in excellent shape. There appears to be a good relationship with Dwayne Haskins and others who worked with him have noticed a change in approach. There is clear evidence prior to his off-field issues that show a man motivated by his faith. So was Ryan Clark correct to say money changed Antonio Brown? Has his recent fall from the spotlight humbled him enough to redirect his path in life?

The Decision Ron Rivera May Have

As highlighted many times, Ron Rivera is making it a focus to establish a new culture for the Washington Redskins. From front office changes to players moved, it has been very clear how serious he has been thus far. Making a move on Antonio Brown would almost certainly send waves through the organization and the media if Ron is allowing talent to trump culture. Another consideration is the growth of their young WRs and if Brown potentially hampers their development. A decision like this will certainly require internal discussions weighing the pros and cons of a Brown signing and its potential ramifications moving forward.

With that said, it’s also within Rivera’s nature to allow a person an opportunity to prove himself. There surely will be discussions talking about how Brown’s motivation and faith pulled him out of a crime-ridden place like Liberty City. The work ethic early on in his career never was questioned and apparently is still there today. These last couple of years would be enough to break anyone, but he appears to display a re-dedication to football. Although recent history certainly tarnished his legacy, Coach Rivera will have to learn if Brown’s recent trials have humbled this young man’s life enough to change.

Final Thoughts

As many are steadfast in believing Antonio Brown is far too toxic, there comes a moment when we must consider wearing his shoes. Take the money and prestige that comes with an athlete out of the equation to look at the person. Consider the road was taken from life in Liberty City, a breakout star, on and off-field troubles, and his re-dedication. Ask yourself if a person is capable of change after the humbling experiences Brown went through. Weigh the possibility Antonio Brown reverts back to his troubling past if he regains fame. These are the factors Ron will have to weigh, while balancing whether or not this young team could survive a possible Brown meltdown.



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