Is the the Green Bay Packers Offense the Best in the League?

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By Karmen Antilla September 22, 2020 0 Comment
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After the completion of week two in the 2020 NFL Season one topic that seems to be up for discussion around the Packers is…

Is the Packers Offense the Best in the League?

The Green Bay Packers have had a very impressive and historic start to the 2020 NFL Season. They have scored 85 points and gaining 1,010 total yards going into week three. Here are some of the contributing factors to this remarkable start.

Why are they scoring so much?

One element of the Green Bay Packers offense that seemed to be lacking over the past few years was the use of the middle of the field. That seems to be changing because through the first two weeks Aaron Rodgers has utilized it more. The use of the middle of the field looked very effective in the game against the Detroit Lions.

They post an impressive run game, making them first in the league in rush yards entering week three with a total of 417 yards. Aaron Jones has rushed a league high 234 yards. With a very impressive showing against the Detroit Lions, rushing for a total of 168 yards.

Time of possession has been vital to this success. Having an average time of 38.01 this puts Green Bay first in the league.

The need for a receiver this past season and the Packers not drafting was highly criticized. However, the top three wide outs for the Packers have combined for 31 catches, 460 yards and four touchdowns. The production should silence the critics for a bit.

The 2019 season for “The Pack” showed a very insufficient third down conversion ability. That was an element the team worked on in the off-season. Through the first two weeks, the Packers have increased their third down conversion percentage by nearly 16%.


Although this is not an all-inclusive list and there are other key factors that are contributing to the Green Bay Packers offensive success so far in the 2020 NFL Season.  These ingredients are cooking up a great recipe in answering the question “Is the Green Bay Packers offense the Best in the League”? The Packers have started with a very impressive 2020 showing and are starting to look like they are on track to do some very special things this season.

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