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Is Dak The Best QB for McCarthy?

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By J Andrews March 8, 2020 0 Comment
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Dak not Rodgers

The Dallas Cowboys hired former Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl winning head coach,
Mike McCarthy, to fill their position left by former longtime head coach Jason Garrett.

Most pundits wouldn’t argue that the reason McCarthy was coveted by Jerry Jones is his ability to groom young quarterbacks. The fact he wears a ring on his finger, doesn’t hurt the situation either. Jones has coveted such jewelry since his run with the triplets in the mid-nineties ended abruptly.

McCarthy’s most notable success in Green Bay was the three-year development and transformation of future Hall of Fame, two-time MVP and Super Bowl MVP, Aaron Rodgers. One glaring question looms over the hiring of McCarthy in Dallas: Does McCarthy believe in Dak Prescott as the future franchise quarterback of his offense? And subsequently if Dak is McCarthy’s guy can he fix the issues holding Dak Prescott and the offense in Dallas back from carrying it to a Super Bowl championship?

One question we do have the answer to of course is Dak Prescott is not Aaron Rodgers!

Dak is Mike McCarthy’s guy

In several interviews before and after getting the head coaching job in Dallas, Mike McCarthy stated that  he has learned from his past mistakes. He also says he’s changed and evolved his traditional West Coast offense to something more updated with today’s offensive schemes.

McCarthy’s statements would also suggest that Prescott’s size, ability and comfort-ability with the zone-read/ RPOs would make him the perfect quarterback for his new age West Coast scheme..

Mike McCarthy is a highly intelligent offensive mind and an excellent leader. But as much as he may talk, he is and always will be stubborn at his core. McCarthy in Green Bay did not show unwillingness to try new and different ideas, schemes, or plays. Green Bay moved on because he would not stick to them, or change his scheme.

There were several other things in the locker room and such that came to light before, and immediately after Green Bay moved on from Mike McCarthy. The first crack to crumble the foundation so to speak, was the lack of offensive flexibility and evolution over the final five years of his tenure with the Packers. If McCarthy wants to succeed in Dallas, he must be open to changes both in his coaching techniques and in the schemes he uses. Ha can be the right guy for Dak, he just has to be open to change.

Can Dak grow fast enough with the help of Mike McCarthy?

Dak Will have to immediately absorb what already was an extremely large play book, before the addition of the new schemes that McCarthy has added in his year off.

McCarthy will still run a West Coast scheme as the base Offense. This would mean Dak will be forced to become a student of not only in-game adjustments, but also learning to read defenses pre-snap. Mike has merely stated he’s willing, and has added in things to help the players around the quarterback. This will help Dak get comfortable with the offense and have go-to options on certain plays.

Dak Prescott has a huge opportunity to  grow his bank account this off-season. However, he also has a golden opportunity to become one hell of a quarterback under the tutelage of this highly successful head coach hired this off season. Dak is the right quarterback for Mike McCarthy. Prescott shows signs of Rodgers with his escape-ability and strong arm. He just needs the proper coach to groom him to success. McCarthy is the perfect guy for that job.

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