Is 2020 Ben Roethlisberger's last year?

Is 2020 the end for Ben Roethlisberger in the NFL?

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By Christian Wolf September 2, 2020 0 Comment
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Is Ben Roethlisberger entering his final season in the NFL?

For some of us, we don’t remember a quarterback before Ben Roethlisberger. Maybe you didn’t follow football until a later age. Or maybe you weren’t around before he was in the league.

In any case, the Pittsburgh Steelers might have a new face behind center next season, as it’s a real possibility that retirement will be Roethlisberger’s next decision.

It was considered after the Steelers playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and again after he had a season-ending elbow injury. You can’t blame him either, as age has eventually caught up to “Big Ben”.  But aside from the injuries, he hasn’t really slowed down.

He threw for over 5,000 yards and was the NFL passing leader in 2018, and the Steelers haven’t been able to see what has been built off of that yet. He hasn’t played a full season since.

As for the Steelers themselves, they have not shown that they have any real backup plan for after Roethlisberger retires. They have not drafted another dependable QB who can take over the starter role, and according to General Manager Kevin Colbert, they never considered it in last year’s draft.

It seems that until the moment actually comes, the Steelers aren’t going to worry about their quarterback situation. They have been building their defense and focusing on the present rather than a few years down the road.

Pittsburgh is focused on winning right now

But is it time to think about their QB future, which could be as soon as next season? Maybe, but maybe the Steelers are banking on something that the fans don’t know. If the Steelers have an incredibly successful season this year, it’s reasonable to think that will be enough to bring Roethlisberger back again.

Maybe that’s why the Steelers have been tooling around him and not focusing on bringing in another quarterback. They may simply believe that until the Steelers stop showing true success, they won’t have to worry about getting another quality quarterback.

The Steelers have never had the culture to tank a season in order to score a higher draft pick, and they absolutely won’t do it with a roster as talented as theirs. Mike Tomlin would rather go 8-8 than 3-13.

So will this be Roethlisberger’s last season? It’s too early to tell. It will all be dependent on how this season goes. If the Steelers make a playoff run or win the Super Bowl, don’t be surprised to see another return.

But anything less, and the Steelers may see a change next season. And it may be for the best. The majority of the team will be in their playing primes for the foreseeable future, and the Steelers may need a quarterback of the same age to go along with them.

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