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Three Keys to a Colts Win vs the Cincinnati Bengals

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By Anthony Gulick October 17, 2020 0 Comment

Coming off of a tough loss in Cleveland, how can the Colts bounce back?

The Indianapolis Colts should have won their matchup in Cleveland if it was not for their own mental mistakes. What do they have to do to get a win over a young Cincinnati Bengals team?

Create pressure and finish plays on defense

Last week the Browns had a great day against the Colts in the passing game in the first half. The Colts figured them out in the second half, but Indianapolis had issues in the first. The Colts were creating pressure, but did not finish the plays and get the sacks. The Cleveland Browns offensive line has been playing like one of the best in the league and the Colts still created pressure. Similar to Mayfield, talented rookie Joe Burrow is a mobile quarterback that fuels this energetic offense. The Colts need to take advantage of the Bengals’ rebuilding offensive line, sack Joe Burrow and create pressure consistently throughout the game.

Establish the Run

The main issue with the Colts right now is the offense. The Colts’ run game went from a top 10 run game in 2019, to a bottom 10 run game in 2020. Although star running back Marlon Mack is out for the year, the Colts still have productive running backs on their roster. Rookie Jonathan Taylor is still adjusting to NFL defenses and has not played up to his potential.

The play calling has to improve as well. The Colts need to run the ball more and commit to the run. Notice the three games that the Colts won, were when the Colts committed to the run and did not have Philip Rivers pass much. The games the Colts lost were when the Colts had Philip Rivers pass over 40 times, which is way too many attempts.

This Bengals defense is not a great defense, so the Colts need to commit to the run game and control the tempo to win this game.

Score in the Red Zone

The Colts so far in 2020 have been one of the NFL’s worst Red Zone offenses. If the Colts want to establish themselves as contenders, they have to finish in the red zone. This has not been an issue for the Colts in the past, but in 2020 this has been the Colts’ “Achilles Heel”. Scoring field goals are efficient points, but to win games in this league, touchdowns have to be scored. This has been an ongoing issue for the Colts and they can fix their problems in this game.


The Colts are facing a big game this week at home vs Cincinnati. Is this a “Trap-Game” for the Colts? Or can the Colts come out and dominate from the start? The Colts losses have not been the other team beating the Colts, it has been the Colts beating themselves. The Colts can turn their season around and gain momentum into the bye week with a big win over Cincinnati this Sunday.


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