How the Patriots will rebound versus the Raiders

How the Patriots will rebound versus the Raiders

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Last week, New England lost a heart-breaker in Seattle from the two-yard line. The two-yard line is synonymous with the historic Malcolm Butler interception. This week, we get another team, the Las Vegas Raiders, with a historical play versus the Patriots.

The historically infamous play being referenced is the Tuck Rule, a controversial call favoring the Patriots and sending them forward in 2002. This is only the second time the coaches of that game, Jon Gruden and Bill Belichick, have played each other since that game. Winning this week three match-up is essential for the Patriots to remain contenders and a force in the AFC.

This is how the New England Patriots will defeat the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.

Defensive Coaching is key

Bill Belichick, in his career, is 6-1 versus the Raiders. Belichick typically doesn’t lose to teams he should beat. The team needs to be prepared for aggressive football this week. Gruden loves to run the football, especially with a fullback in the game. Josh Jacobs and Alec Ingold are dangerous and physical runners.

Diagnosing and eliminating Gruden’s run game is the key to winning. If Belichick doesn’t prepare this team to get punched in the mouth and keep fighting, this could be a rough week.

The Raiders lost Pro Bowl Guard Richie Incognito to injury. This will make it easier to penetrate the interior. Lawrence Guy, Adam Butler, and Byron Cowart must pressure Derek Carr if they’re going to halt his impressive two-game streak. Attacking Jacobs and being physical while bringing internal pressure against the left guard are the keys to winning this game.

Offensive Rhythm

Long and decisive drives need to be the name of the game against the Raiders. The Patriots need to exploit a lack-luster front seven. The Raiders are giving up 4.9 yards per carry on average through two games. The Patriots dialed back the running game to 25 carries in week two. They lost the time of possession battle against the Seahawks.

The Raiders’ defensive line only posts one problematic player for the Patriots, defensive end Maxx Crosby. Running away from Crosby and more towards the underwhelming interior defensive line should be essential.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels must get more creative as a play-caller. Obviously, the last carry of the game would be a direct snap power zone to Cam Newton. Sticking to your identity as a run-first team while diversifying play-calling is the offensive route to winning this game.


This is a very winnable game on Sunday. The Patriots cannot afford to fall two games behind the Buffalo Bills. The Raiders have an exploitable defense and only a handful of playmakers on the other side of the ball. This layout should allow for the Patriots to celebrate another victory Monday. How the Patriots offense plays is in Josh McDaniels hands. I trust Belichick to have this under control.

To conclude, just win, baby.
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