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How the Browns can still lead the NFL in rushing without Nick Chubb?

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The Browns are still a top rushing team, even without their star Running Back.

The Cleveland Browns ending the first quarter of the 2020 season as the best rushing team in the NFL. The Browns have run the ball more than any other team and have gained more yards on the ground than any other team. This has been the formula for the Browns 3-1 start. The Browns want to run the ball on offense and stop the Run on defense.

In week 4 the matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, the Browns star RB Nick Chubb was injured. Chubb suffered an MCL sprain to his right knee. Nick Chubb was placed on Injured Reserve and is expected to miss around six weeks.

The injury to Chubb will in no way slow down what the Browns will try to do on offense. The biggest reason that the Browns will remain successful in running the ball will be because of the Offensive Line. The Browns went from one of the worst offensive lines to one of the best. Cleveland brought in, one of the best Offensive Line coaches, Bill Callahan in the offseason. Callahan has really worked to elevate the play of the entire offensive line.

Did people really forget about Kareem Hunt?

Kareem Hunt was the NFL Rushing Champion in 2017 as a rookie. Since then he has had some off the field issues and has landed in Cleveland at a “hometown discount.” Hunt is still young and very capable of leading his team in rushing again. With Chubb already in Cleveland, Hunt has taken to the backup role, for his hometown team. Just because Kareem hasn’t been asked to carry the load for the Browns, doesn’t mean he can’t. Hunt will get plenty of opportunity to remind people of how talented he is over the next few weeks.

Kevin Stefanski wants to run the ball.

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’soffensive philosophy is very run-centric. In his offense, the run sets up the pass. The Browns will attempt between 30-35 runs a game and they still have the Running Back to continue to do it. The Browns will run Kareem Hunt and D’Ernest Johnson behind that stout Offensive Line and look to keep winning games even while Nick Chubb is out with injury.

My Prediction for the Colts vs Browns matchup on CBS at 4:25 P.M. 10/11:

Colts 19 – Browns 28


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