How Does One “Quietly” Go Under the Knife, Jadeveon Clowney?!

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By Sam Hicks December 6, 2020 0 Comment
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Quietly…Really Jadeveon Clowney?

How does a NFL starter just somehow “quietly” have surgery? One of the most sought after free agents for the Tennessee Titans in years, Jadeveon Clowney is done for the year.

This past Wednesday, Clowney quietly underwent surgery to repair his left meniscus. The news of this of course breaks the morning when they have a game. Now people will have to hop on Twitter and roast his face off—before getting in game mode of course.

Let’s Be Real

Let’s be real for a second, with all due respect, this loss should not bother any fans at all. Jadeveon Clowney recorded zero sacks, less than 20 tackles, and about 40 loafs. The appeal to sign him was very understandable, and I’m hoping maybe he just had this injury and was trying to play through it.

The lack of production and explosiveness was beyond noticeable on the field for a defense that desperately needed his pass rushing abilities. Time will tell if he ever recovers to be his old self again.

Here Comes The Money

Looking at the contract situation is another story of its own. $13 million with a chance to make $2 million in incentives. The Titans Brawl podcast crew pleaded with JRob to pull the trigger and go for broke this year. A window to win a Super Bowl closes fast, Sam Hicks stated.

So, of course, the excitement of the signing was through the roof! Now the Titans have to be in meetings saying “Did we screw this one up”? Clearly it’s not an Isaiah Wilson bust, but Tennessee expected more, WAY more from Clowney.

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Final Thoughts on Jadevon Clowney

The Titans defense was on pace to be historically bad. Could not stop anyone third down, and the pass rush they so desperately needed was still non existent.

However, the past few weeks have shown glimpses of a more aggressive play calling scheme that has started to put the defense in position to cause turnovers. Jeffery Simmons is the man that anchors the defensive line for the Titans, that’s just a fact. Jadeveon Clowney’s presence on the line is not as important as the play calling to put the boys in position to give the ball back to Derrick Henry.

As long as they continue to improve, look for people to not even worry about the man “quietly” on the sideline. Now the question is…Do they resign him?


To hear the thoughts on this from the guys over at Titans Brawl, be sure to tune into the new episode December 9th. Subscribe, like, review wherever you listen to podcast. Find them on Twitter @TitansBrawl as well. All that in the link below.

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