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Greg Cosell Interview: The Brawl-22 Grills Guru on Wentz, Mayfield & More

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By Michael Schottey December 15, 2020 0 Comment
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Greg Cosell Interview: The Original All-22 Guru

The Brawl-22 was excited to interview Greg Cosell of NFL Films and ESPN’s “NFL Matchup” to talk about a host of topics.

Cosell is one of the original film gurus in football media, and is able to talk for length about anything related to the game. On The Brawl-22, the hosts asked Cosell about what led to Carson Wentz’s benching in Philadelphia, as well as what is going so right lately in Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield’s game.

In other quarterback news, Cosell talked about what isn’t quite meshing with Cam Newton in New England. He also opined on the history of the game, what fantasy football players don’t consider when putting together their teams and named an assistant coach he’s impressed with this season.

What’s Wrong with Carson Wentz?

Cosell is a total film junky, but after decades around the game—41 years at NFL Films alone—he also knows exactly what players and coaches go through and is always both fair and hesitant to lay blame. However, he is also able to dissect exactly what is happening on the field because, as they say, “the eye in the sky doesn’t lie.”

To find out exactly what’s going awry with Wentz in Philadelphia (and if it’s fixable), check out the interview for what Cosell has to say.

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What is Oh So-Right with Baker Mayfield?

On the flipside of the quarterback spectrum, Browns QB Baker Mayfield had had a stellar few weeks in the passing game in recent weeks. Cosell went down some pieces of Mayfield’s game, breaking down how his decision making has improved in 2020.

In addition to the Greg Cosell interview—Ty Schalter, Samantha Bunten and Michael Schottey—broke down everything they saw in Week 14. They also touched in on the MVP Race the playoff race and slandered Saints QB Taysom Hill yet again.

Listen to this episode of The Brawl-22 below, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Michael Schottey is a sports writing & radio industry veteran of over a decade with stops in local sports radio, podcasting and sites like Bleacher Report, Forbes, Fansided and many others. He serves as Director of Operations for The Brawl Network and is a member of the Professional Football Writers of America and the Society of Professional Journalists.


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