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George Atallah Talks With The Brawl-22 about COVID-19, 17th Game

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By Michael Schottey January 1, 2021 0 Comment
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George Atallah Talks Covid-19 and More with The Brawl-22

George Atallah, the Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs for the NFL Players Association stopped by The Brawl-22 to take on a variety of topics, including the NFL’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Although the NFL and players union have never truly gotten along, Atallah noted that the necessity of the pandemic has brought about nearly unprecedented cooperation. That same sort of cooperation (and general lack of public posturing from either side) has extended to recently announced plans for a 17th game in future NFL seasons and the extended playoff format.

After all, as Atallah noted, expanding the overall “pie” in terms of money made by the NFL benefits both side. The only question to remain is what exactly the all looks like. Shortly after the interview, NFLPA President J.C. Tretter came out with a proposal to scrap offseason practices all together.

Aside from the business of football, co-host Ty Schalter also snuck in a question about soccer—a passion he shares with Atallah, even if one is a Liverpool fan and the other stans for Arsenal.

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But Wait…There’s More

In addition to the George Atallah interview, the hosts of The Brawl-22 made their picks for NFL Week 17 and talked about debacle surrounding Washington Football Team QB Dwayne Haskins. They also worked through why NFL teams are just so bad at handling the backup quarterback position.

“This is not new in the NFL,” said Schalter. “this idea that you have to draft a quarterback. You have to start him right away. And, once you start him, you can’t bench him unless his ‘wittle feelings might be hurt.’ That’s a neologism in the NFL, and it’s something media has to look at when they drive narratives for the purpose of driving narratives.”

For all this and more, you gotta check out The Brawl-22.


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