Five Biggest Dumpster Fires of the 2020 NFL Season

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Detroit Lions
  • houston texans
  • New York Giants
  • New York Jets
By Anthony Esbensen October 6, 2020 0 Comment
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Read about the disastrous season so far from these five NFL teams and how hopeless the season has gone for them and how it will continue.

Through four weeks of the 2020 NFL season, we are finally starting to see teams separate themselves. Teams like the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs sit ahead in their divisions with 4-0 records. However, it is not always about the top teams, the bad teams separate themselves too.

Today we look at the five biggest disasters of the NFL season so far in no order.

1. Houston Texans

Going into the season this was the favorite to win the AFC South. With guys like Deshaun Watson, Brandon Cooks, Will Fuller, and Laremy Tunsil, this was supposed to be a good team. Then you mention Head Coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien who traded their best player DeAndre Hopkins this off-season.

That move has not worked out at all for the Houston Texans, as they rank 29th in the NFL in points per game at just 20.0. The defense as well has not been sharp, being the 27th best defense giving up 31.5 points per game.

Some things have just not gone the Texans way so far, specifically their schedule. It cannot get much harder your first four weeks than the Chiefs, Ravens, Titans, and Vikings.

It was not enough however for Bill O’Brien to keep his job. On Monday O’Brien packed his bags and was fired.

With all of the negative things going on there is some good news. There should be plenty of coaches really pushing for this job, think Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll or Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy or other top coordinators.

Also, the Texans don’t have their first and second-round picks this draft.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Another rough start for the Atlanta Falcons, however, this is just slightly different. Week two the Falcons blew a three-score lead to the Dallas Cowboys and failed to figure out onside kick rules. The following week go up 16 points and the Bears had their backup quarterback Nick Foles in the game, and the Falcons managed to lose.

The case for Dan Quinn looks worse than ever, as the former Seattle defensive coordinator is coaching the second-worst defense in the NFL, giving up 34.5 points per game. What is the point of keeping Quinn at this point? Higher draft pick?

Matt Ryan is not getting any younger, neither is Julio, and this team needs to go in a restart. The Falcons are projected to be 24 million over the cap next season, and who knows how the pandemic plays a factor in getting that number higher.

3. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions look like the same ol Lions under Matt Patricia, struggle to win close games, and the defense being underwhelming. Giving up 31.8 points per game, starting off well against both the Packers and Saints and can’t even make it competitive for the next three quarters, what is the point anymore?

Stafford is now 32 and will start next season at 33. The team has no direction. Their goal going into the year was to be mediocre so Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia can keep their jobs. If this team wants to be good it will have to be in a complete restart. Hopefully, the next GM can sell high.

4. New York Giants

The failure of Dave Gettleman has already been written, however, let’s stick with just this year. The New York Giants have the worst offense in the entire NFL, averaging not even 12 points per game. There’s not a ton of offensive talent especially outside of their star running back, but enough to not be this bad. Jason Garrett has brought in a bland, and predictable style of football, no creativity what so ever.

Daniel Jones has turned the ball over in every game this year at least once and has proven he cannot execute the long methodical drives that Garrett wants. If the Giants want to go with more of a vertical passing game, the offensive line and Jones’s inability to sense any pressure will make it very difficult to succeed.

The good news is that the defense has been surprisingly nice for them, 12th best in the league so far. That might not be incredibly sustainable but Patrick Graham has put together a really nice unit so far running that defense. After giving up 36 to the 49ers, they go to LA and only allow 17 points to the Rams, that’s nice work.

5. New York Jets

At this point let’s eliminate the teams in East Rutherford, they forfeit all their remaining games, and we prevent injuries from that terrible Met Life turf.

The New York Jets are the laughing stock of the entire NFL, and maybe will be the third team ever to go 0-16. Adam Gase and Dowell Loggains have officially ruined Sam Darnold and the hope might be Trevor Lawrence. They have the second-worst offense in the league, scoring 16.3 points per game. Along with that have Gregg Williams defense giving up 32.8 points per game, can it really get worse from here?

Mekhi Becton had to take himself out of their game against Denver because of an injury. There was absolutely no reason to dress him for that game, none. Not to mention after Darnold got thrown to the ground and in clear pain, is forced to go back out. Sam could miss multiple weeks because of this reckless decision making.

To make things worse for the Jets they lost to Brett Rypien, making his first-ever start in the NFL, and he threw three picks. Broncos head coach Vic Fangio right after the game ended told his team to go straight to the locker room. That is because the Jets kept playing the Gregg Williams way, disgusting nonsense that only gets players hurt. Just like what Steve Smith said, wherever Gregg Williams goes, nonsense follows.

In the end, these are the five biggest disasters of the NFL season through four weeks. These teams for the most part seem hopeless to make something of this season, but who knows in 2020. Change is going to happen this off-season and expect all of these teams to be making significant moves next season.

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