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The Next Great Bengals Tackle? Expectations for Jonah Williams in 2020

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By Sam Connaughton August 29, 2020 0 Comment
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Jonah Williams will look to become the Bengals next elite offensive tackle and put himself on the right path to a successful career in 2020.

Anthony Munoz. Willie Anderson. Andrew Whitworth. The Cincinnati Bengals have a history of elite offensive tackle play. Jonah Williams is expected to join those ranks of Cincinnati  Bengals tackles. The Alabama prospect was drafted with the eleventh pick in the 2019 NFL Draft and was expected to be the day one starter at left tackle for the Bengals.

Everything changed when Williams suffered a torn labrum in training camp last year. The injury made him miss his entire rookie season.

Williams used that injury as an excuse to build his body. He went viral during the off-season for his workouts, which included pushing a pickup truck.

He also worked out with former All Pro left tackle Joe Staley. Staley tweeted words of encouragement for Williams, saying that he (Williams) will breakout and that hard work pays.

The compliments and rave reviews have continued for Williams during training camp. Offensive coordinator Brian Callahan raved about Williams’ body transformation. Callahan said “He (Williams) looks like a pro, he doesn’t look like a college kid anymore.” That is a satisfying feeling for Bengals personnel, players and fans knowing that the former  first round pick has put in the work on transforming his body.

Transforming your body is one thing. Playing and dominating in the NFL is another thing. Williams’ play has also stood out during training camp. It seems like almost everyday Bengals media sends out videos of Williams holding his own against the stout Bengals defensive line.

Raving reviews from coaches and media


After last Friday’s scrimmage, head coach Zac Taylor applauded Williams for his work and performance. “He’s dialed in. He’s certainly been a great asset for us so far in this training camp,” Taylor said. Taylor also brought up how Williams is competing against a defensive line that will challenge the young tackle with both speed and size and Taylor is proud that Williams is always up for that challenge.


Williams comes in with a lot of off-season and training camp hype. What does that mean for his 2020 expectations? His first expectation is to come in and help solidify the weakest link of the Bengals team-the offensive line. Williams will need to hold down the left side of the offensive line and be a force in both the run and pass game. The run game will be super important for a team that desperately needs to be good on first and second down to avoid long third downs that could spell danger for a young quarterback.

The second expectation is that Williams must protect Joe Burrow’s blindside. Keeping Burrow clean during his rookie year is paramount. It is not going to be easy. The Bengals play the likes of Joey Bosa, T.J. Watt, J.J. Watt, Myles Garrett and other great pass rushers this season. Williams, and the offensive line, has their work cut out for them to protect the future of the franchise in Burrow.

Joe Burrow is the talk of Bengals camp and for good reason. With that being said, Jonah Williams will be an absolute key for Burrow and the offense’s success. At the age of 23, the left tackle will be asked to help lead a Bengals offensive line that struggled in 2019. Expectations are high for Williams and if he were to hit them, it won’t be too long before he is regarded with the same respect of the great Bengals tackles before him.

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