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Eagles Players to be Excited about in 2021

  • Alex Singleton
  • Dallas Goedert
  • Doug Pederson
  • Jalen Reagor
  • Jordan Mailata
  • Josh Sweat
  • Miles Sanders
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Zach Ertz
By Dakota Pratscher December 31, 2020 2 Comment
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Although it was an ugly season for the Philadelphia Eagles, there are some players on the roster that should excite the fans for the 2021 season.

Established players, such as Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham, will not be featured on this list. This article will feature some of the more unknown players that have potential. Here is a list of exciting Eagles players to keep an eye on.


There wasn’t much to be excited about when watching the Eagles offense take the field. There was more flavor to a stale bag of Herr’s chips than this year’s play-calling. However, there are some impact players for the future on the Eagles’ offense.

Jalen Reagor

Jalen Reagor’s rookie season was nothing special. Posting a mediocre 30 receptions for 381 yards is nothing like who Jalen is often compared to, Justin Jefferson in Minnesota. But, Reagor displayed flashes of just how fast he is. For example, his punt return against the Green Bay Packers was explosive.

The way he accelerated to full speed made everybody water at the mouth. You have to take into account just how bad the Eagles offense was this year when evaluating Reagor. Even Justin Jefferson would have struggled due to Doug Pederson’s atrocious play-calling.

For some reason, Pederson’s only plays designed for Reagor were back shoulder fades. It is extremely difficult for a player to succeed when your head coach is incompetent. Reagor should be used more on short crossing routes that utilize his deadly speed and acceleration. Reagor gets a pass for a lackluster rookie year because coaching and scheme are more to blame than Reagor’s talent. If the Eagles decide to hire a new head coach, Reagor would be the main beneficiary, making him a breakout candidate for the 2021 season.

Jordan Mailata

The biggest surprise of the 2020 season has been just how much growth and development Jordan Mailata has shown. Mailata has taken massive leaps as a player from when he first entered the league. Mailata’s journey to the NFL is one you could write a screenplay for. Remember, he just learned the game of football when he was drafted! Each week you can put on the film and see his game improving.

It also helps that Mailata is a physical freak of nature, showing flashes of what Jason Peters used to do in his prime. Mailata has earned the chance to be the left tackle of the future for the Eagles. Will he become the Bodyguard 2.0? It’s still too early to tell, but if Mailata can continue to improve and play at a high level, he may well become one of the premier tackles in the league.

Miles Sanders

Miles Sanders had quite the peculiar year. He had a great year running the ball, averaging 5.3 yards per carry, which ranks 5th in the NFL. That may come as a shock to some of you, as Eagles fans know all too well, how Doug Pederson likes to abandon the run. If Sanders was used as a three-down back, like we were told he would be, he would have easily broken 1,000 yards rushing.

On the other hand, Sanders dropped what seemed like every pass his way this year, as opposed to last year, when he was the Eagles’ best receiver. Hopefully, this year was a fluke for dropped passes for Sanders, and next season he can become a lethal dual-threat, along with the likes of Christian McCaffery, Alvin Kamara, and his old teammate, Saquon Barkley. If Sanders can take that leap next season, Philly is in for a treat. Sanders is one of the Eagles’ most exciting players to watch next season.

Dallas Goedert

It is time to unleash Dallas Goedert next season. With the odds of Zach Ertz returning to Philly dwindling, it is time to showcase just how good Goedert can be. Goedert’s yards and touchdowns should jump up next year. If the Eagles use more 11 personnel next season, he should be used to dominate the middle of the field. The offense should feature him with dig and seam routes to attack smaller defensive backs and slower linebackers. Goedert is one of the leading candidates to have a Pro Bowl-caliber year next season. If he can stay healthy, he will be a dominant force in the NFC.


The Eagles defense is mostly made up of quality veterans. However, some young studs will be worth watching next season.

Alex Singleton

Alex Singleton might be the most exciting player to watch on the defense. He flies to the ball and loves to make a big hit. Alex Singleton is the first linebacker to have 100 plus tackles and a pick 6 in a season since the Axe-Man himself, Jeremiah Trotter in 2001.

Singleton projects as one of the Eagles’ starting linebackers for 2021. If he can continue on this trajectory, who knows what the ceiling is for him? Also, it helps when one of the greatest sports fans in Giovanni Hamilton has you as one of his favorite players!

Josh Sweat

Josh Sweat had a tremendous 2020 season. Just turn on the tape and you can see the massive strides Sweat has taken as a player. He shows his explosion coming around the corner, has violent hands you love to see in edge rushers and has become pretty reliable in stopping the run. Josh Sweat is becoming a fan favorite here in Philadelphia and rightfully so. He is making Derek Barnett expendable, which is important because Philly has their backs against the wall with the salary cap next year. If Sweat can stay healthy, a double-digit sack season will come much quicker than anybody expected. The future sack master is one of the most exciting Eagles players to watch every week.

If you are as frustrated about the Eagles as we are, listen to our podcast episode about Doug Pederson needing to be fired. For more great content about your Philadelphia Eagles head over to Eagles Brawl. As always, Fly Eagles Fly!

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