Dwayne Haskins Cut

Dwayne Haskins Cut by the Washington Football Team

  • Dwayne Haskins
By Tayyib Abu December 28, 2020 0 Comment
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Dwayne Haskins was cut by the Washington Football Team. The organization announced earlier today that they severed their ties with the former Ohio State quarterback. The pressure was building on Haskins, last week’s ambitious outing without masks didn’t help. It was another lousy action by Haskins. In the NFL, those negative actions result in negative consequences. Haskins came into the NFL as the blue-chip prospect from a big-time university. In less than two years, it’s fallen apart.

There Was No Option.

Ron Rivera is in his first season at Washington; he needs to establish a mentality that everyone can buy. InThe last few years, the Washington culture was rotten to the core. Rivera needed to change that. He is going about it the only way he knows. He expects his players to be accountable. We’ve seen that evolve throughout this season. Players such as Terry Mclaurin, Chase Young, and Daron Payne are with Rivera. Haskins never was. Character counts for a lot in the NFL. We’ve seen Haskins play poorly in his first two seasons. He’s thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. Haskins’ QBR this season is a miserable 30.7. Nonetheless, teams can tolerate sub-par play from young quarterbacks. What they cannot accept are lazy work ethic and bad attitude.

Bad decisions underlined Haskins’ tenure at Washington, both on and off the field. In his two years at Washington, his play was shockingly bad. The pre-draft process revealed that Haskins possesses a rocket arm. Unfortunately, Haskins has none of the other things that are required to excel at the NFL level. That is understandable; not all prospects come into the NFL ready. Haskins wasn’t, what he needed to do was to hone his craft. Instead, Haskins brought laziness matched with arrogance. Other players allegedly overhead him bragging about his performance in a game that Washington lost. After yesterday’s benching, he went home. Quarterbacks are franchise leaders; they don’t do things like that. Leaders make themselves accountable, plus they spend every minute trying to get better for their teammates. Dwayne Haskins did none of that. Add this to his foul play; there was only going to be one outcome.

What Next For Washington?

Washington will now start Taylor Heinicke in its do or die game against the Eagles. Alex Smith is still nursing the calf injury that sopped his season. Washington will go into that game with the inferior quarterback in Heinicke. He probably isn’t good enough to help Washington win the NFC East. However, don’t let that detract from Washington’s season if they lose. The Football Team is creating the right environment to be successful again. The defense is ferocious.
Meanwhile, Terry Mclaurin is blossoming into a good receiver. Washington is in an excellent position to draft a quarterback, regardless of the outcome on Sunday. Riverboat Ron and his team are in a great place to build for the future. Rivera won the culture battle in disposing of Haskins. It is the correct decision from their perspective.

What Next For Haskins?

Haskins’ career is now at a significant crossroads. A large part of the NFL cognoscenti will believe he is damaged goods, that he is not worth the time. Haskins is now in Manziel territory. It is clear he lacks maturity as well as the hunger to play in the NFL. Like Manziel, Haskins excelled at the college level. Yes, he was at Ohio State, a school known for not producing quarterbacks, however, we saw the mighty arm, the attacking play. Haskins owns some necessary tools; what he needs to do is look in the mirror and ask himself, “Am I the man I want to be?” The NFL isn’t a big-time university where they cater to your needs all the time. It is the NFL; every player must be accountable and responsible for their actions. It must be a reality check for Dwayne Haskins; otherwise, his career is heading in the wrong direction.

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