Doug Pederson is a better coach than Sean McVay

Doug Pederson is a Better Coach than Sean McVay

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By Anthony Miller July 2, 2020 0 Comment

When you break down the overall work of both coaches, Doug Pederson is better than Sean McVay

How did this all begin? It started when CBS Sports HQ released their list of the top ten NFL head coaches in the league. The list included Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay at number six. It also included Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson ranked at number nine.

It’s safe to say that there were not many people happy with those rankings. Many Eagle fans criticize the ranking as they believe Pederson should be ranked higher than McVay. This resulted in Sean Wagner-McGough to defend his list.

Wagner-McGough’s Reasoning Behind the Ranking

Wagner-McGough defended his ranking by stating that he didn’t want the list to be based on how many Super Bowls each coach has won. He believes there is more to these coaches than how many titles they have won. Wagner-McGough also mentioned that he believes McVay has time to win a title since he’s only been a head coach for three seasons.

One stat that was used in his argument was that McVay has the highest winning percentage of the ten head coaches on the list. McVay has the winning percentage over Pederson which plays a key role. He talked about how McVay took heat for missing the playoffs at 9-7 while Pederson did it two seasons in a role.

While these are good points to make, it doesn’t change the facts that point toward Pederson being better than McVay.

Fact One: Pederson Has Won a Super Bowl, McVay Hasn’t

Wagner-McGough may not want to admit it as much, but the fact is Pederson beat Bill Belichick and the Patriots. McVay’s Rams team did not.

Philadelphia was able to come up with bigger offensive plays than the Patriots did to win their Super Bowl 41-33. Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards in the Super Bowl and they still lost. Pederson took a backup quarterback in Nick Foles and helped him win Super Bowl MVP.

When the Rams faced the Patriots in the Super Bowl, the offense had one of the worst performances in recent memory. They could only score three points as a unit with Jared Goff looking awful playing. The Rams lost the Super Bowl two seasons ago 13-3. Their defense played well, but their offense folded under pressure. McVay is an offensive-minded coach and his team could only put up three points?

Fact Two: Eagles Had More Injuries the Last Two Seasons Than the Rams

Wagner-McGough mentioned that Pederson had the Eagles at 9-7 two years in a row and said it like it was a bad thing. What’s the problem?

Both seasons consisted of the Eagles losing at least ten players to the injured reserve. Last season, Pederson had to work with practice squad players on offense with guys like Boston Scott and Greg Ward. The year prior, he had to work with practice squad and rookie cornerbacks like Cre’Von LeBlanc and Avonte Maddox. They still managed to make the playoffs and actually won a game in the process.

In the last two seasons, the Rams have had eight and nine guys on IR in 2018 and 2019.  The Eagles had 12 and 13 players on IR. Philadelphia was still able to manage their way into the playoffs both seasons. The Rams lost two of their last three games in 2019 to miss the playoffs.

Why should Pederson be punished for his team finishing 9-7 two seasons in a row? It was his leadership that got them through those tough times. Risky playcalling and trust in his young players got the Eagles to the playoffs.

Fact Three: Pederson’s Rebuild Was Tougher Than McVay

Sean McVay had an easier road to rebuilding his team since he already had the weapons in place. Goff was heading into his second season, Todd Gurley was on the rise as a runner, and the offensive line was stabilized with Rodger Saffold, Rob Havenstein, and Jamon Brown. Defensively, Aaron Donald was coming into his own, the linebacking core was young and aggressive, and the secondary had Trumaine Johnson and Lamarcus Joyner.

Pederson has to restart the mess that Chip Kelly had created the previous season. The Eagles traded up to pick Carson Wentz number two overall, had to cut running back DeMarco Murray since he wasn’t a scheme fit, and only had Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor as offensive weapons. Their defense was in decent shape, but defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz had to bring in guys who fit his 4-3 scheme. The secondary was in such a mess that the Eagles are still trying to repair it after four seasons.

Fact Four: Carson Wentz’s Development Over Jared Goff’s Development

Goff has progressed well from his rookie season, but seems to have taken a step back. In 2018, Goff was in the MVP conversation with career highs in passing yards (4,688) and touchdowns (32). Last season, he struggled with only 22 touchdown passes to 16 interceptions. There never seemed to be too many good moments for Goff throughout the season.

Wentz has proven year after year of being a top ten quarterback in the NFL. While he’s only thrown for 4,000 yards once in his career, Wentz has only thrown seven interceptions in each of the last three seasons. Granted, durability has been an issue for Wentz, but he beats Goff in touchdown passes, interceptions, and completion percentage.

Final Thoughts

The analysis of this article shouldn’t be taken as McVay is a bad coach and has done nothing in his career. He’s actually been one of the best coaches in the league. His offenses were exciting to watch in 2017 and 2018. McVay has yet to coach a losing record and came just short of a Super Bowl title. The scary thing is that he’s only 34 and has plenty of years to win a title for Los Angeles.

When discussing the best coaches in the NFL right now, there can’t be any doubt of the work Pederson has done with the Eagles. Three straight winning seasons, overcoming injuries in two seasons, and winning a Super Bowl title. Pederson has also made some of the guttiest calls in recent memory. He’s a gunslinger who hits his targets well.

If fans look deeper into each coach, as of right now, Doug Pederson is better than Sean McVay.

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