Does Allen Robinson Want Out Of The Windy City?

By Andrew Heck September 15, 2020 0 Comment

Does Allen Robinson want out of Chicago? Most Bears fans think so.

Allen Robinson is the Chicago Bears best offensive weapon in quite some time. There is no denying he deserves a contract extension, and deserves to be paid somewhere in the top 10. An extension hasn’t happened yet, and panic is quickly growing that Allen Robinson could be shipped out sooner than expected.

 Robinson wants out, or does he?

Many fans have already jumped to the conclusion that Robinson is asking for his ticket out of Chicago. With his recent tweets, him removing much of anything that has to do with the Bears off his Instagram, its very easy too understand why worry would ensue. He is arguably the best Wide Receiver the Bears have had since Brandon Marshall. Robinson has stated many times his goal holding all the receiving records for Chicago, and finish his career here. Adam Schefter came out with this tweet regarding the situation.

Allen Robinson may want out, but would the Bears give him what he wants?

Anyone who has watched the Chicago Bears knows there offense doesn’t boast the most fire power in the league. With shaky quarterback play, and not knowing if you have a Wide Receiver that can take over the number one spot, its hard to picture Chicago accepting any deal. The return for a player like Allen Robinson would have to be extremely enticing for Chicago to bite and part ways with there most consistent weapon.

A negotiation tactic

Its human nature to make a big deal out of something when you want something, when you feel deserving of it. This is how Robinson feels, and understandably.  The player is going to his boss and saying give what I’m worth, or I’m out. He is essentially asking for a raise, which is business. He is forcing his employers hand to get what he wants. We will have to wait and see who blinks first.

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